Be My Motivation (Lucas)

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Lucas was frustrated.  How long had it been since he had started his life as a trainee?  He had left Hong Kong such a long time ago.  He had been promised a fast debut with his skill set and his ability to speak multiple languages.  So why was he still here- living the rough trainee life?  

He was pretty close to Ten.  Ten was just like him until he had gotten the opportunity to film his very own music video.  Ten could tell the kid was upset at his lack of opportunity, so he asked the MV director if Lucas could be in his MV, too.  

Lucas was grateful for the chance, but he felt bad at the same time.  When would the two of them debut?  He had to make his parents proud and show all his friends back at home that he was actually a singer.  They'd teased him back in middle school for his dreams, but was it so wrong to have hope?  In fact, hope was the only thing keeping him going right now?  And the gimbap he was holding carefully.  Who knew when he'd be able to feast like the official NCT members?  He wanted to be able to go out and eat until his stomach couldn't hold anymore.  Most nights, he went to sleep hungry and exhausted from a long day of practicing.

Tonight, he wouldn't be sleeping at the dorms, though.  He was going to walk along the Han River and think about everything.  Should he continue training like this?  Having hopes for something that wasn't there?  Or should he just quit while he still had time and go back home and return to the life he had barely managed to escape from?

"Where are you going?" Ten asked.  "We're going to be eating together, today.  All of us."

"They're the last people I want to see," Lucas growled and shouldered his backpack, grabbing his letterman jacket before storming out of the dorm.

"You think he'll be okay?" Kun asked.  "I think he finally exploded."

Ten was honestly worried.  Lucas had been under so much stress recently.  Everyone was giving him such a hard time and expecting so much, but he was only human in the end, right?  "I'll follow him.  Also, call Y/N.  She can probably figure out what's wrong if anything.  Tell the members something came up, and we'll be a little late."

Kun nodded at Ten while dialing your number.  Everyone in NCT knew about you.  You were Lucas's amazing girlfriend that only the trainees had had the chance to meet when you dropped off stuff for them or just swung around for a visit.  You were very busy preparing for high school graduation, now,  that you didn't have as much time to see the boys as you wanted to.

Ten grabbed an umbrella before slipping out of the dorm.  He knew it was supposed to rain hard tonight, and he didn't want either him or Lucas to get wet.  Ten kept his distance, knowing the kid probably needed some space.  He was mainly there to make sure Lucas was alright.  

As if on cue, rain exploded from the clouds and came down in sheets.  Ten hurriedly opened his umbrella and watched as Lucas stood there getting drenched but not moving a muscle.  His letterman hung limply in his grasp.  

Ten wanted to rush forward, but he knew Lucas was on edge, and he didn't want to push him.  Instead, he followed him for a bit.

Lucas ended up at the Han River, taking in the blurry lights of the city that was cloaked in rain.  Seoul was a beautiful place.  There were many places he wanted to visit, like that store with the discounted video games.  He wanted to do all of that, but he was always called to train.

"YUKHEI!" He heard a voice scream.  It was yours.  And it was full of desperation and pain.  "Yukhei, what are you doing?"

He smiled.  He loved the way you pronounced his name.  You were one of the only few who could say it right, and he appreciated that you hadn't given up on learning even though he told you it'd be easier to call him Lucas.

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