Fitting Room Part 2 (Lee Taeyong)

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A/N: WARNING!  SMUT AHEAD!  Okay, so it's not gonna be super specific because I'm a smol child, and I can't actually write smut that well, but I'm gonna try my hardest and give you something to fangirl about ;)


You couldn't focus on the ride home which was fine since you weren't the one driving.  But instead, you were worried about the driver whose hand was precariously placed on your inner thigh, slowly working its way up.  Taeyong worked his hand higher up your skirt, brushing a finger against your most sensitive regions, and he felt you shudder at his touch.

"What is it my princess?  Don't give me that look.  You started this."

You playfully intertwined your fingers in his, stopping him from further distracting the both of you.  "It's not my fault I looked that good in that dress."

Taeyong parked his car in front of the house, looking over at you.  He didn't understand how you always beat yourself up over your body.  He had spent many nights hearing about some diet or the other you were always on.  To  him, you were perfect.  And he leaned forward, pressing his lips to your perfect ones.  Even though it was winter, you felt your cheeks heat up.  Just as you felt yourself getting absorbed into the kiss, your boyfriend pulled away and headed into the house.

Two can play this game you thought and followed him inside.  The house was warm which was a nice contrast from the frosty weather taking over the city.  Taeyong held your shopping bag with the dress you got for the poetry event this weekend.  

"I think this was a really good choice.  It looked so-"

You didn't give Taeyong anytime to finish his statement.  His back harshly met the wall as you placed rough kisses on his lips, working your way down his jawline and down to his striking collarbones.  

"Y/N," Taeyong groaned, and you grinned slyly before stepping back and taking the shopping bag in his trembling hands.  

Hopefully your plan wouldn't backfire, and he'd follow you.  Before you could make it to the bedroom, you felt something wrap around your wrist and spin you around.  Taeyong pulled you into the room, pushing you onto the bed, and that's when you'd forgotten how strong he could be.  

"Are you toying with me?" he whispered hotly in the shell of your ear, and he smirked when he saw goosebumps appear on your arms.  "What comes around goes around," and you didn't mind the fact that he had started it.

His mouth melded with yours in a passionate yet desperate kiss.  You could tell he wanted more, but he was holding himself back to prove that he could tease and make you wait, too.  You, the intellectual, could clearly see him failing, but A+ for effort, right?  

Taeyong slid his hands under your shirt, and you moaned into the kiss.  The sensation of his cold fingers on your burning skin was out of this world.  "This shirt," he managed between kisses, "is getting in the way," and he practically ripped it off your body.  You writhed beneath him as he ran his hands up and down your sides.  

"Taeyong," you breathed, "please."

"Please what, Princess?"

Your voice caught in your throat.  Taeyong always seemed to know what you wanted.  This was the first time he was making you tell him, and suddenly you were nervous.  "Please-" your bottom lip trembled uncontrollably.  Your boyfriend realized what was going on and leaned down to kiss you and reassure you.  

"Please just make me yours tonight," you managed, weakly, and a corner of your man's lips twisted upward in a smirk, eyes filled with nothing less than lust.

"Anything for my babygirl," Taeyong answered while sliding his shirt over his head.  You drank in the image of his toned dancer body.  Those abs, those biceps, all of it was so surreal.  This man was yours, and he was willing to look past what you thought were flaws and love every inch of you.

Slowly, more articles of clothing joined its brethren on the floor, leaving only the two of you in each other's presence.  Taeyong peppered kisses down your stomach and down to your core.  His lips brushed against the sensitive region along your inner thigh, and you groaned in satisfaction.

His cold fingers pressed against your core, rubbing patterns along your sensitive nerves.  If you thought anything you'd felt earlier was amazing, then you had no words to describe how this felt.  Taeyong bit his lip seeing you become undone before him.  Slowly, he inserted a digit into your throbbing core, watching your reaction.  You had squeezed your eyes shut, feeling yourself nearing ultimate pleasure, and that's when you felt something fill you completely.

Taeyong swept his dark hair behind his ears before kissing all of your face, giving you time to adjust to the length sheathed within you.  Once you told him you were comfortable, he began moving until he was faster than the thunder that chased after its lightning.  He brought a hand down to rub your sensitive regions, and even when he pulled away, you still felt the sensation of his hands pleasuring every cell in your body.

It wasn't long until you felt a knot form in your stomach, and Taeyong felt you close around him, the two of you screaming as your fantasies unfurled.  The only name and face screaming through your mind was Taeyong's.  He tugged you close to him, covering you with the blankets to shield you from the winter that was starting to creep back into the house.  

"I love you," you whispered, and you bit your lip when you heard his breath catch.  Maybe you shouldn't have let that slip out.  You didn't want to hear his response, nervous that he didn't feel the same way.

"Y/N, I love you, and I really mean it.  Just, um, don't wear that dress in public after this poetry event.  Please."

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