Chapter 10

"I'll go find Clara, don't worry Mason. I'll be back," Levi said to Mason, patting his hand.

          "Okay," Mason said, frightened, sitting back in the truck as he looked on at The Dead.

          Levi gave Mason a quick hug before he ran off, searching the village for Clara. One of The Dead was close by and Levi pulled out his knife, slitting it's throat. Levi kept going though; his goal the hotel.

          "Clara?" he called, hoping she would answer.

          Levi saw me then, "Have you seen Clara?" he asked me.

          I blinked, realizing I was simply standing there and staring at Levi. What was I doing? I needed to get in the truck, get to safety.

          "Where's Clara?" Levi screamed, shaking me.

          "I don't know," I managed to say.

          "Clara!" he screamed, a crazy look in his eye.

          He ran to the hotel and I followed behind him. Forget the truck, I didn't seem to care anymore. I followed behind him as he urgently ran into the hotel. He was running up the steps, slamming into the walls. One of The Dead was chasing after us and I screamed, running up the steps, following Levi faster. He finally opened a door to what I guessed was their room and I hurried in after him, shutting it behind me. The Dead man was scratching at the door in hopes of getting a taste of our flesh.

          "Clara?" Levi said in despair.

          He walked over to the window and looked out and I did the same. Suddenly the scenery had changed, it wasn't the village anymore but instead it was a dirt road and a cliff. And Clara was in that truck, plunging to her death, that terrified look written across her face as she started to fall.

          "Clara!" Levi screamed, jumping out the window.

          I watched him fall and hit the ground, landing head-first.

          Behind me the door was rattling, The Dead man finally broke through the door. There was more than one now, about three followed behind him as he started to walk towards me. I screamed in horror, backing up. Except then there wasn't anything underneath me anymore. There was only gravity dragging me down to join Levi…

          I jolted up, screaming and crying, the black of the truck dragging me into a dark abyss. One that I couldn't escape.

          "It's alright," a voice cooed.

          I realized it was Bennett's.

          He was holding my hand and I yanked it away, glaring at him.

          "Don't touch me," I said, threatening.

          "I'm sorry, I was just trying to-"

          "I don't care," I said.

          Harsh, yes. But Bennett had reached my last nerve.

          The truck suddenly slammed to a stop and there was shouting outside. Someone opened the trunk door and we all slide out. I knew that this was when I was going to kill myself. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do it when two words stopped me.

          "We're saved!" shouted our driver and we all looked to see what he meant.

          There it was. A huge stone wall with two armed guards standing outside it.

          They smiled at us.

          And I fainted.


          I never thought that I would truly feel that way. Not ever since I first saw The Dead. Especially not after that Ruler Nicholas and my dad's death. Never had I thought that there was a society out there that was safe.

          But there was.

          As I entered those walls after I woke up again and they took a sample of my blood, to test me for this disease, and I tested negative of it, I realized I was safe. This wasn't like the past society I had been in, no.

          There were thousands of people stowed away in this area, free of The Dead and their disease. There was technology, electricity, even a few computers, and lots of food.

          I turned to clasp Mason to me tightly, and look at Ryan.

          Maybe there was some hope.

          No one knows how it started… no one knows where they came from; all we know is that they are here, and that if we don’t protect ourselves, we could turn into one of them…

          And that we are slowly bringing humanity back.

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