Chapter 11: The Life of Audrey Holland

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"Noah," I whined, "We're gonna be late for my lecture. Wake up!"

Noah groaned when I threw open my curtains, letting the sun harshly enter my room and making my yellow walls look even brighter, "Why do I have to go?"

"Because," I said, jumping on top of my boyfriend, "Today, you are going to live the life of Audrey Holland."

"Oh, fun," Noah replied with a hint of sarcasm.

I rolled my eyes and pecked my boyfriend's cheek, "I promise you after the lecture, it will be."

Noah looked up at me and cocked an eyebrow, "Oh really? Why is that?"

"Well," I started as I rested my hands on his chest, "It's Samara's birthday next week but she wants to celebrate early because she is spending her actual birthday with her parents in Montreal. Apparently they go every year and they take her on some shopping spree as a gift."

Noah wiped his eyes groggily, "So, we're having a little birthday dinner I'm assuming?"

"Oh, sweetie," I laughed, "The first thing you should know about Samara is her motto."

My boyfriend stared at me with a sleepy and quizzical look on his face. I returned his stare with a wicked grin, "Go big or go home."

Once I managed to get Noah out of bed, him, Darian and I started walking to our usual Starbucks to get our mochas.

As we were in line, Noah was squinting at the menu board, "Yeah, we don't have a Starbucks back home so I have no clue what a frappuccino is."

Darian's eyes widened like saucers, "I thought you were from Calgary, not the Amish country! How do you not know what a frappuccino is?"

Smacking my roommate in the arm, I said, "Technically we are from a small tiny town outside of Calgary so it's not his fault he doesn't know."

My roommate scrunched his brows in confusion, "But you know what a frappuccino is."

Noah rolled his eyes, looking extremely annoyed that we were talking about him like he wasn't there, "She travelled a lot with her parents."

I nodded my head, "That's true. I had my first frappuccino when I went to Ottawa with my dad because he was working a case there."

"Makes sense," Darian shrugged.

Noah looked between my roommate and I, "So is anyone going to tell me what a frappuccino is?"

"Think of it as a fancy cold coffee," Darian stated, "Oh, and there's like, fifty different flavours."

Noah nodded his head, still looking quite confused. I took my boyfriend's hand, "It's good, trust me."

After we all had our mochas made, we started walking to the lecture. At first it was a quiet walk but then Darian started speaking, "So, do you go to uni or college?"

I winced at Darian's question. Noah hates talking about school. Quite frankly, he was lucky he even graduated high school. When he did, he told me he was never going back to school. Ever.

Noah brushed off his question with ease, not indicating he was upset or annoyed like he usually is when I bring up the topic, "Neither. I work at my dad's auto repair shop."

"Oh," Darian said slowly, "That's lovely. You must be close with your dad if you work with him."

"Not really," Noah responded, taking a sip of his drink, "He's kind of a dick. I'm just waiting for him to retire so I can take over."

"Noah!" I gasped, "He's still your father!"

Noah just shrugged and didn't respond. Darian, on the other hand looked mildly concerned. Luckily, this awkward moment didn't last long because we were approaching the lecture hall.

When Darian opened the door and revealed all the seats in Professor Wellman's class, Noah's mouth hung open, "Holy shit."

"How many students are in this class?" Noah questioned, looking at the many seats that were fanned across the room and surrounding the podium.

Darian shrugged, "A little over a hundred maybe."

I guided my boyfriend to mine and Darian's usual spot near the back, "Time to sit back, listen, and try your best not to fall asleep."

"Look who's talking," Darian laughed, "You fell asleep your first day!"

"Seriously, Audrey?" Noah chuckled, raising a brow.

I crossed my arms across my chest and huffed, "Shut up, I was tired."

Noah snorted and Darian rolled his eyes, "Sure."

"Fight m-" I started but was cut off by my professor's voice.

"Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen," Professor Wellman greeted as he rushed down the stairs to get to his stand, "Let's get down to business."

Noah gave me a look as the lecture started and Darian began typing on his laptop.

This is going to be a long three hours.

When the lecture was over, I had to shake Noah out of his sleep quickly before anyone would notice, "Noah wake up before I dump the rest of my mocha on you!"

Noah jolted awake, looking completely confused, "It's over already?"

"Dude, you didn't even last five minutes," Darian said as he packed up his things.

"My bad," Noah responded with a tired smirk.

Darian and I exchanged a look and then proceeded to look at my boyfriend, who looked completely out of it. His eyes were glazed over and he had a serious case of bed head. Or in this case, desk head.

When Darian and I got our laptops in our bags, I clapped my hands together, "It's alright. Time to get ready for Samara's party!"

Once we reached the apartment, I raced to my room to get my outfit on for tonight, Darian hopped in the shower, and Noah sat on my bed watching me get ready, "So who's gonna be at this party?"

"No clue," I said as I started curling my hair, "I know Darian, Justin, Nathan, and pretty much all of my Creative Writing class is going but I'm not sure of everyone else. Samara basically told anyone who would listen about this party."

When I finished curling my hair, I started applying my makeup - something I've been getting a lot better at sense I've moved here.

Noah stared at me intently as I did so, "You look happier here."

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying my hardest not to move too much as I applied my eyeliner.

My boyfriend scratched his head, "You look, I don't know, more alive I guess."

I looked at Noah, confused.

He sighed, "Back home you always looked so sad but here you look so happy. You look like the person you've always wanted to be."

I walked over to my boyfriend, kissed him on the cheek and smiled, "That's because I am."

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