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(Y/N)'S P.O.V
Yuna and I are on our way to a new cafe just a few blocks away for the dorm.

"Eonnie~ you have a crush on Jimin oppa don't you~" she looked at me giving a suspicious look.
"W-w-what? N-no!" I replied as my face turned red.
"So you really like him huh"
"Isn't that Guanlin?"
"Don't try to change the topic!"
"I'm Not! It's really him! Look! He's with Daniel"

"(Y/N)! Yuna!" Daniel oppa called us as he walked towards us with Guanlin.
"Annyong~" we greeted them.

"Where are you two headed to?" Daniel oppa asked.

"We're on our way to a cafe. What about you guys?" I asked.

"Hey! We were going there too. Can we join?" Guanlin asked with a bright smile and something told me that the smile was directed to Yuna. (🙄)

I nudged Yuna with my elbow. She gave me the look. "What?" I eyed her back. "Speak to him!"

"No!" She mouthed.

I poked her hard.

"Yuna are you ok?" "Y-yea I'm f-fine"

She glared at me.

"S-Sure!" She said to Guanlin, I could see her going red.

We all walked to the cafe together and on the way Daniel and I tried our best to make the younger two talk because they were too shy.

"Guys were here"

As we all enter the cafe we were treated by the smell of pastries and coffee

                     ~TIME SKIP~

We had a nice time with Daniel and Guanlin today.

"Eonnie can i ask u something"
"Yes, Yuna what is it?"

"If u don't like Jimin oppa then who is it that u like?" She asked me with curious eyes
"No one" I blushed as I pictured Minhyuk in my mind.
"I'm sure there is someone! Look at you blushing as soon as I asked us about it"
She came closer to me as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.

"Tell meeeee"

She kept asking me

"Ok! Ok! Fine!"

She raised her brows at me
"It's Minhyuk form BTOB"
"WHAT?!" She screamed
"Yes it's Minhyuk oppa"
"Oppa?" "Do you know him personally?"
"I don't know him that well but yea he knows my dad and he also came to my house once" I explained

"Did you get to talk to him?"
"Yes, but not for a very long time.."
"I'm sure u'll be seeing him again if ur dad knows him"

                      ~TIME SKIP~
*next day*

We are having a break from practice right now.
*knock knock* (knock knock 🙄)
Appa entered the practice room with a smile
"Hello girls! How have you all been doing?"
"We're all fine PD-nim"
"Ahh, I see... that's good"

"So, why I came here today was to inform you all about something"
We all gathered around Appa as we listened to him

"Yuna, (Y/N) and Minki are in the maknae line so I was thinking it would be ok to send u to school... but that's only if you want to! If you think it's going to be too much trouble with practice and school then it's ok you don't have to go"

We all looked at each other as we weren't sure of what to say

"It was a little sudden so I'll give you guys  some time to think about it" he continued

"And also if the maknae line of wanna one agrees you will all be send to the same school... I have all ready discussed about this with their company"

He walked out of the door as he said that .

I'm not sure if I want to go to school..
I mean it would be fun! But I not sure.. with all the practice and promotions taking place it's going to be hard to keep up..

I looked at Yuna and Minki they were also just as confused as I was

I guess we can just discuss this at the dorm later..

                       ~TIME SKIP~
Minki, Yuna and I were all sitting together discussing about the school matter

"We are all worried about the same thing aren't We?" Asked Minki eonnie
"Yes" Yuna and I both said in unison

We all sat there quietly thinking what to do

"Eonnie's! We all want to go right? But it's just because of practice and promotions we are worried isn't it?"
We nodded our heads in agreement
"Then let's just do what we want to instead of getting worried about other things"

Minki eonnie and I thought about it for sometime and eventually we also agreed to what Yuna had just said.

"We're going to go to school!"
"Yay! Can't wait"




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