3. The Awkward Encounter

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The next day every muscle within my body ached. I winced as I rolled myself out of bed, rolling out seemed a lot less painful than sitting up. I was not ready physically or mentally just yet to take on the tasks of today.

The very last thing I wanted to be doing today was leaving the comfort ofn my bed and take photos of a kids birthday party. As much as I adored my job, it was a task for me to even brush my hair never mind hold a heavy camera all day.

"What's wrong with you?" Ollie grumbled as I cried in pain as I leaned down to tie my shoe laces.

"I'm in so much pain, help me please?" I pouted, wanting some form of sympathy from him.

"Well that's shit and no tie your own damn shoe laces." He simply replied, making himself a bowl of cereal and heading to the couch.

"I really appreciate your lack of sympathy for me in this time of need." I rolled my eyes sitting on the sofa next to him.

"You're still on for helping me today, right?" I asked flicking through Netflix to play the only show that we both truly enjoyed and could never be tired of. We both excitedly sang along to the friends theme tune that we could probably sing backwards at this point.

"Yeah, a kids party right?" He asked, a slightly worried look on his face. If there was one thing Ollie couldn't handle was kids. It's not because he disliked them, it was more the fact that he was always uncertain on how to act around them.

"Yeah, thank you for helping I know it's not the most exciting way for you to spend your Friday morning." I smiled at him, thankful for his friendship.

Ollie worked as a waiter at a coffee shop not too far from our flat. He was still going through uni as it was his dream to become an interior designer.

I, on the other hand went to university two years before Ollie to complete my journalism course, he however was in the last year of his course.

"How was the personal training anyway?" He asked spooning a spoonful of cornflakes into his mouth.

"It was hard that's for sure. I tried talking to him to get to know him but he seems more of a business type of guy rather than a friendly guy." I spoke, not knowing if my words were making sense, but by the look on Ollie's face he understand what I was saying.

"Yeah, he sees you as a client and not as a friend. That's got to be awkward though, like does he stand and watch you work out?" He asked, confusion written across his face.

"No he did the workouts with me and stopped me if I was doing anything wrong and helped me correct it." My mind wandered back to when his hands were placed on my sides.

"Is he good looking?" A small smirk appeared on Ollie's face.

Luke was undeniably good looking. His piercing blue eyes, the way his hair sat amazingly even though he was moving around so much. But of course, my personal favourite, his back muscles.

"Ollie, he is beautiful." I playfully smiled at him, we were like two school children giggling at each other's secrets.

"Well aren't you lucky." He joked, leaving to go and get dressed for our chaotic day ahead.

It was half an hour later and we were now on our way to the birthday party.

"Ollie! I could have swore we passed the house." I rolled my eyes as I distinctly remembered the pink balloons and white streamers hanging around the garden and the home.

"You do know it's possible that it is more than one child's birthday today." He rolled his eyes, staring at the address the guy had text me.

"Oh, 34 Wallaby Park, not 43." He muttered, ignoring my smug look as we did a swift u-turn and headed back in the direction of the party.

We hastily grabbed my equipment as we headed round to the back of the house as we were instructed to do so. Ollie was carrying most of the equipment as I was struggling quite a bit.

I quickly scanned my eyes looking for anyone that could possibly be the owners of this house. There were tons of kids running around, adults sitting at laid out tables and chatting with smiles on their faces.

"Who do you reckon the owners are." I muttered to Ollie, he too was scanning the area looking for anyone.

"Oi, Irwin!" A guy with bleached blonde hair yelled in the direction of the bouncy castle.

Out came a quite disheveled man, his curly hair flopping in his eyes as he stared over at the man with bleached hair.

"The photographers are here." He nodded in our direction. The man quickly whipped his head round, catching our eyes as he rushed over to us.

"Hey, I take it you must the photographers." He chuckled, staring out my equipment. I simply nodded.

"I'm Ashton, uh you can just start whenever you'd like. There's drinks and food and stuff in the kitchen, the bathrooms upstairs and the first door on your left." He smiled, his smile was infectious and I couldn't help but smile back at him.

"Is there any specific way you'd like the photos?" I asked, before he had the chance to run off. There's been numerous times I have not asked this question and the people weren't all that happy with the outcomes.

I loved taking candid photos rather than staged. I loved capturing how people are feeling in the moment and the look of joy on their faces, rather than falsely smiling at a camera.

"Can you just kinda take photos as people go about what they're doing, do you get me?" He chuckled, running his hand through his messy hair trying to keep it outta the eyes.

"Yeah I get it, thank you." I smiled as he quickly ran off, grabbing a child in his arms and throwing her up into the air, a wide grin on her face. I took the guess that that was his daughter.

I scanned my eyes as I begin piecing together the best places for me to take photos.

I begin taking random photos of the table set outs and the kids running around happily together. I took photos of families together and friends.

I took photos of the birthday girl both with her friends and family, staged and candid.

Just as I was heading to the kitchen to grab a drink, I banged into someone as of course I was too busy watching my feet rather than looking in front of me.

"Oh shit, sorry. I mean not shit, that's bad to say at a kids party." I hastily apologised as I regained myself before staring up at the person I had accidentally caused an inconvenience to.

"Oh, hi."


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