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(Y/N)'S P.O.V
I just woke up and did my daily routine and went downstairs to check wether anyone had got up or not. I was still in my onesie.

No one had got up so i sat on the couch and ordered some pizza (pizza for breakfast!). After ordering pizza I went through my sns to see what the fans were up to.

*Ding~ Dong~*
Oh! It must be the pizza! I ran and opened the door-
" Pizza delivery! One large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese!" "That's mine! Thanks!" I paid and shut the door

It's pizza time ~

I opened the box and took out a slice of the freshly baked pizza just as I was about to take a bite-

*Ding~ Dong~*
Who is it now?
I went and opened the door with an annoyed face-


"Good morning~" "G-g-good morning" damn why did i speak like that?!

"Cute" he muttered.
"Huh? Did you say something?"
"No! Nothing! Cute onesie!" he smirked.


My face turned red. He just laughed as I looked down because I was too embarrised.

"Don't be shy~ it's Cute"
OMG why is he like this!!
"A-ah d-d-do you wanna come inside?"
I asked as we both went in.
"So I came here to congratulate you guys! For your debut!"
"Thankyou, we couldn't have done it without your help. BTS taught us so much!" He just smiled.

We went to the couch and we sat down there.
"Pizza for breakfast?" He asked.
I mentally slapped my for head 🤦‍♀️ why am I like this?!
"Yea, hehe" he laughed "but next time how about something else? You know this isn't healthy."
" But I loveeeee pizza~"

Awww she's so Cute!
I told her I came to congratulate them but seems like she's the only one up but it's fine! The real reason why I came was because I actually wanted to meet her because I couldn't yesterday.

I don't know why but (Y/N) always seems to catch my attention. Every time I see them practicing, every time I see them during break, even during there debut stage all I see is her.

"Jimin oppa you Ok?" I snapped back to reality when I realised that (Y/N) was calling me. "Huh? Oh yeah!"
"So how was it like? Were you nervous?"
"Of course I was! I couldn't even think straight! And at one point I even forgot all the choreography and lyrics!" She laughed.
She is so pretty.

"Really? Even I was like that when we had our first stage!" I laughed too.
"No way!" She continued to laugh.

                        ~ TIME SKIP~
"What are you guys talking about?"
(Y/N) and I turned around to find a young girl what was her name. Uhh... Yu- Yu....... YUNA! yup it was Yuna!

Seems like she just got up too. If I'm not wrong she's the maknae? I guess?

"Yuna morning~"
"Morning eonnie"
"Jimin oppa is here" (Y/N) said.
"Oh! Morning oppa" she said as she rubbed her eyes and tried getting used to the light. (I don't know any other way to explain it 🤣  like when you get up and the it's too bright and you need time to adjust to the sun light)

"She's our maknae" so I guessed it right Huh? Haha she's cute just like Jungkook the two maknae's but she's much younger then him.

Yuna went to the kitchen and came back.
I laughed at her cuteness. Maknae's are seriously something.
She sat at the couch opposite to us and enjoyed her pizza.

"You know oppa" she said
"(Y/N) eonnie's favourite member of BTS  is you!"

Really?? I'm her favourite member?! I turned to look at (Y/N) her cheeks were slightly tinted red.

Aweee she's so Cute!

"Oh? Really?"
Yuna just laughed in response.
"Payback eonnie!" "What for?!" (Y/N) asked.

"You know what you did yesterday! I was so embarrised!" She said as (Y/N) laughed.

"Jimin oppa maknae has someone she likes~" " chincha? And who is that ?" I teased too.

Yuna just looked away.
"He's from WANNAONE"
"Really? Which member Is it? Is he handsome Yuna-ah?" We continued to tease her.

"Yuna tell oppa who it is. I wanna know."
"GuanLin" she muttered
"What? Didn't hear you?"
"LAI GUAN LIN" she screamed as she rolled around the couch embarrised.
We just laughed at her.
                         ~TIME SKIP~
It was time for me to go so I had to say bye to them.
I had a nice time today! I need to go for practice now!

(Y/N)'S P.O.V
I had so much fun talking to Jimin and teasing Yuna together.
*sigh* I wish he comes again...

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