the confession.

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- charlie's pov - 

my future wife was laying, naked, wrapped only in my purple bed sheet, across my legs.  i was half asleep and mumbled out, "if that's what you've got to give," i chuckled, "this marriage may not be so bad."

i'd gotten home early that morning.  kara had picked me up at the airport, and we'd spent most of the day wedding planning.  we'd picked out food, music, silverware, and so many other boring things, that i was ecstatic when we finally got to go home and screw around.

kara rolled over, her curled strawberry blonde hair falling to the side.  "chuck, we gotta talk," she said weakly, propping herself on her elbow.  her face was solemn, her eyes were scared.

my stomach felt sick.  "what's wrong?" i asked.

she sat up, covering her front in the sheet. "uhm, well, when i was younger, i lived around vegas." she swallowed.  "i spent my loyalty weekend with your cousin, marvin.  he would bring me back in every once in awhile and we would hook up.  my grandpa and his dad were working on lobbying some laws or something so we would see more and more of each other, and each time we would hook up and hang out.  we got to know each other, and we began to," she sighed, "i don't know, fall in love or have some weird relationship, and" she choked up, "now i'm pregnant." she explained, with tears in her eyes.

my jaw dropped.  "what?" i breathed.

she nodded and wiped a tear from her cheek.  "i'm three months pregnant.  i-i didn't know when you and i met.  my-my my grandfather knows and marvin knows, and he's happy about it.  he says he wants to try an official relationship."

i cocked my jaw.  "so, so what are you saying?"

kara leaned over to the bedside table and began putting her earrings back in her ears.  she took a sip of her water, that had been sitting on the same table.  it took her a second to answer after she swallowed.  she exhaled deeply and said, "i don't think i can marry you."  

i ran my fingers through my hair.  my head was spinning.  kara stretched out and rested a hand on my knee.  "listen, listen, my grandfather knows about the baby.  he and i talked about what i should do."  she was half-smiling with tears in her eyes.  "you won't be penalized, or dethroned, if i leave you.  if i end the engagement, it's all on me.  i-i-i-i'll be the one to tell the press, i'll take all the heat."  she stopped, waiting for me to respond, and when she realized i wasn't going to, she spoke again, this time, it was almost inaudible.  "i just want us both to be happy."

* * *

kara packed up her stuff and left, almost immediately.  i tucked my great-grandmother's engagement ring into my underwear drawer, and went to take a shower.

i stood, naked, staring at myself in the mirror.  it wasn't that i was checking myself out, but instead, i was tearing myself apart.  why couldn't i have just stood up for myself at that senate meeting?  i knew kara was just going to cause problems, but i thought it would just be cheating on me a couple years after we got married.

after my shower, i was lying in my bed, in nothing but a towel, when there was a knock at the door.

"come in," i mumbled.

the door slowly opened, and shawn from legal stuck his head in.  "hey man," he said.

i weakly raised my hand and tossed my arm across my face.  "what are you doing back here so soon?" i asked.

shawn waved a manila envelope at me.  "came home to do paperwork for d.j." then he added with a sigh.  "aaand, now i have to do some paperwork for you."

i groaned.

"i'm sorry about it all, dude," he said, awkwardly, shoving his hands in the pockets of his dress pants.

"what paperwork you gotta do?" i asked.

shawn rubbed his forehead.  "why don't you put on some pants and then meet me in my office?  we'll talk then."

i threw on torn up jeans and my king's university t-shirt.  i was halfway down the hallway before i realized i didn't have shoes on, but i was so dazed at this point, i didn't care.  my family was still gone for another week and a half, the staff was off until then (except for shawn), and i had a baggie of pot in the false bottom of my desk drawer that would be gone as soon as i sent shawn home.

shawn was sitting at his desk, with file folders and papers everywhere.  his head was in his hands as he read over a thick packet.

"sup?" i asked as i plopped down in his leather-back chair.

he raised his head.  "look," he exhaled, "d.j.'s paperwork is more time-consuming than yours, so i'll make this quick.  senator baker called me as soon as kara got home.  he filled me in on everything, we'll have a statement out in the morning, and she was already scheduled on royal news daily tomorrow afternoon to talk about wedding plans, so they'll just change it to the break-up."

i scratched the back of my neck.  "so, why do i have to do paperwork?"

shawn pulled a file folder from his desk and began explaining the paperwork i had to do to validate kara ending the relationship.  it all took maybe twenty minutes, and then i was headed back to my room.  shawn had decided to work late, and i made him promise to lock up when he left, so i could have complete and utter privacy in my room.

i was walking down the cold stone floors, staring at my feet, when i ran into something.

"shit," i said, jumping from fright.  i looked up, and there she was.  her blonde hair was in messy curls, she was in a giant sweatshirt, terrycloth shorts, and fuzzy slippers.  "nora," i breathed.

she stared at me with tears in her big brown eyes.  "he's married."

"she's pregnant."

"wanna get drunk?"

"lead the way."

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