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Chapter 24 - Is This Public Enough ForYou?

As I stepped out into the cool air of the night I could feel a smile spread across my face. I had stood up for Scott. I had shown that pig that he couldn’t treat people like that and get away with it. It felt as if I had finally grown a back bone and did what I felt was right.

Outside of the restaurant sat two pots of white roses. I sighed as skipped over to where they were, sensing as Scott followed. I lightly held one of the rose heads and lowered my head smelling them. A smile graced my face as caught the heavenly scent.

“Did you know what white roses mean?” I asked casually. I felt his presence behind me without looking around.

“No.” I heard him say.

His voice was so close that it shocked me. My head felt light and I could feel my heart beating, adrenaline running through my veins as I continued to feel drunk on the high of having him so close to me.

Then, by no means a surprise, I fell to the ground fast asleep. Thankfully not for too long. I awoke to see Scott’s concerned face above mine, half cradling me in his strong arms.

“Are you okay?” He asked once he saw my eyes flutter open. I nodded my head, basking in the closeness of his face was to mine. I could feel his minty breath breeze against my cheeks. His forest green eyes watched me, still sparkling with the anger he had felt just a few minutes ago with his father but also there was worry in there too that gave me hope that he did actually care about me.

“You didn’t finish your sentence.” He reminded me. “About the white roses?”

I drank in his masculine features and almost sighed at the sight. No wonder all the girls fell for him. He might as well be the son of a God that is how perfect he is. I felt speechless to have him so close to me.

“You’ll just have to Google it later.” I smiled. He chuckled along with me, showing off his shiny whites teeth.

If I moved just, our lips would touch. It would be really romantic. Falling over and having the guy of your dreams sweeping you up into his arms and stealing a kiss. But then I remembered that this wasn’t a fairy tale. I needed to show him who was in charge. Scott Williams is a player and I currently was his new play thing. Piper had made it clear to me what I had to do. And I was going to do it no matter what.

I averted my eyes and without his help, pushed myself onto my feet and out of his arms, patting my dress down. Scott continued to kneel on the ground where I previously lay in his arms, probably still in shock.

“We need to find Tessa and Chase.” I reminded him. This brought him out of his daze. He nodded his head silently and stood to his feet. By his shocked appearance, it seemed that not many girls would give up the chance to kiss him. And I was even quite flabbergasted at what I had did myself. But I knew what I was doing was the right thing. I needed to know if he just wanted a new ‘flavour of the month’ or did he actually like me. And tonight was the night to find out.

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