Casey x artistic Reader

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(e/c) eye color

(F/c) fave color

(F/F) faverit food

(F/FL) fave flower


Casey's P.O.V

i was at lunch and it seamed that the only place to sit was at a table that hade a girl with a tone of art suplise and her lunch was off to the side, wait thats (y/n)  the girl from the hockey meat. "hey is this seat taken?" i asked "" she said as she colored a pictur of the guys and April "you know the guys!" i said in a hush tone "yeah... we hang... sometimes." she said as she finished it "wow thats good." i said "thanks." she said moving a pice of her hair out of her face and put a (F/FL) in her hair 'dang she's hot' she started a skech it was a hockey player, cool WAIT SHE'S DRAWING ME i realised as she started to put all the details in. she reached for her (F/F) and took a bite and went back to the drawing and started to collor and shade it. "wow!" i said takeing a bite of my sandwitch "i know right" she said then the bell rang "hey you want to come visit the guys with me later?" we both said and started laughing "you know it!" we both said the she came up to me and kissed my cheak "see ya later hockey boy." she said as she ran down the hall out of the cafeateryah

(y/n)'s P.O.V

i did it i finaly did it i kissed Casey Jones!!! i cant wait to tell mikey! "hey mikey!" i said to my T-Phone "yo sup dudett!" he said "i did it!" i screamed "did what?" he asked "i kissed Casey!" i screamed every one in the hallway looked at me "um by Mikey gtg" "sorry guys i said as i made it to my next class.


hi love's Sorry this one suck but im realy bizy right now i just finished practis and am getig ready for a date with Roy and i dacieded hey hes not coming for anothe 10 minnets so yeah! but ramember the sceduwal!

by Love's ~Marcellus

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