Part 19

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"Ella! Please tell me what happened, I won't be mad." 

"It's nothing bad." I promised, "People make fun of me because of my mental health, it's fine dad, I'll deal with it."

"El, you can't deal with something like that by yourself." I pulled out my phone, and had a text from Sam. 

'Can I come over something happened' It said, and I texted a yeah. 

"My friend is coming over." I stated.

"Is it Maddie?" I shook my head no. 

"Sam." Alex rose his eyebrows.

"Boy or girl."

"Boy." He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off. "Dad! It's fine. When has it ever not been fine? Actually do not answer that." 

"Fine. But no going upstairs."

"We're probably gonna go upstairs, he said something happened. If it was a girl that something happened to you would want us to take all the time we needed in my room. Besides, its Sam, my best friend, we tell each other everything."

"So he knows about..." Dad trailed off but I knew what he meant.

"He knows I was adopted, he knows about panic attacks, self harm, that I was...touched." I said, not wanting to use the other word. I didnt like that word, it made it seem more real. 

"Fine." He finally gave up and I thanked him. 

And in almost perfect timing, Sam showed up at the door with his school bag and a sling bag, in tears.

"What happened, come on we're going upstairs." I pulled him up the stairs, and threw him onto a beanbag. "What happened?"

Sam opened his mouth to talk, and broke down into tears. 

"Hey, it's okay." I hugged him tightly. I tried to do what dad does for me, but he's better at it. "Do you want me to get my dad?" He nodded a little, and I picked up my phone, calling him. 

"Whats wrong El."

"Can you come upstairs? I'm really bad at the whole someone is crying and or anxiety attack." 

He hung up the phone, and was up the stairs in an instant, a water bottle in his hand. 

"Hey it's okay, bud. Breathe. Ready, follow me." He began breathing in a pattern I recognized, holding Sam's hand. "Okay?" Sam nodded, he was still crying, but his breathing was back to normal. 

"Can I have some of the water." Dad handed it to him and he drank about half of it.

"Sam, what happened."

"My dad kicked me out." He said taking in a breath, "He was yelling at me about grades, and I shut down and had a panic attack, and he said if I couldn't act right I had to leave, and that got me worked up more, and he kicked me out."

"You can stay here." Alex said, "You can sleep in a guest room, or if you don't want to sleep by yourself in a strange house, which I get, I can go find a pull out couch to put under here instead of the beanbags."

"Thanks, I think I'll stay here if it's okay. You dont need to get a couch or anything. I'll sleep in here the first night or so then move to the guest room."

"Or, dad," I said, "Sam you can sleep in my bed, and dad I can sleep in your bed, until we get everything worked out."

"Sam?" Dad asked, "You have some clothes for a while?" Sam nodded. "So I'll order you guys some food, and go get a pull out couch. I'm assuming white or gray, El?" I nodded. 

"Thank you so much."

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