All is Well

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You sit quietly at your desk, reading a novel as your students take their exam. The schoolroom is quiet; the only noises are those of rustling pages and the scratch of pencils against paper. Storm clouds begin to gather outside, and you hope the rain will hold off until you safely make it back to Green Gables.

The schoolhouse door opens with a bang, and everyone looks up with wide eyes. Diana is standing against the door frame, trying to catch her breath.

"Diana? Is everything alright?"

"You need to come with me," she says. "Right now."

You look around at your students, who are watching you expectantly. "Diana, I'm in the middle of administering a test. Can it wait?"

She crosses over to you and grabs both your hands. Whispering, so only you can hear, she says, "It's Gilbert."

You freeze. Gilbert had been suffering from scarlet fever for a long time. Was this the end for him? "Class is dismissed!" you cry out, as you grab your coat and run out the door.

The strong wind blows your skirt around as you follow Diana to the Blythe house. Rain begins to fall in torrents as you cross the final few feet of the yard and step onto the porch. Knocking would have been the polite and proper thing to do, but your concern takes precedence over courtesy, and you bound through the front door, water dripping from every inch of you.

You falter as you enter the sitting room, and see Gil sitting there, perfectly fine and healthy looking. "Gil? What's going on? Diana said-"

He cuts you off with a hug. "Diana knew I couldn't wait any longer to see you."

"But aren't you-"

"I've been perfectly healthy for a while now, Y/N. You just never came to visit."

You look down at the rug, ashamed that you never made time to see him. You hadn't even heard that he was well. "I'm so sorry, Gil."

He gently tilts your head up to look at him, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "I think I can forgive you this time. Just like I can finally forgive you for breaking my heart."

A knot forms in the pit of your stomach, as you again are reminded of your refusal to his marriage proposal. "Oh, thank are plans coming along for your wedding with Christine?"

Gilbert laughs, which puzzles you immensely. "Y/N, you really have had your head up in the clouds, haven't you? I broke the engagement with Christine weeks ago. It wouldn't be fair to force her to marry someone who didn't love her. Especially when he's in love with someone else."

"Oh?" you say, trying to be happy for him. "And what pretty maiden has caught your eye this time?"

"Y/N L/N, you may have been the top of our class, but you aren't particularly bright at the moment." He presses a gentle kiss to your lips, then kneels down in front of you. "Please, don't break my heart again, Y/N." he whispers, taking your hands in his. "I don't know if I could bear it."

Overwhelming joy takes over you, and you nearly knock him down with your hug.

"I couldn't bear it, either," you say. All those months you regretted your decision to let him go. Now Providence was giving you a second chance, and you weren't going to turn it down.

Gil kisses you again, then spins you around the room.

"Gil!" you shriek. "I'm getting water everywhere!" A small pool has begun to form at your feet, and the spin sprayed the surrounding furnishings as well.

"What do I care?" he shouts joyfully. "My life couldn't be happier!"

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