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Your POV:

After the soldier releases me, I bring a hand to where he held and lightly massage the large bruise formed by his hand. I didn't expect him to be gentle, but using this much force was just unnecessary. I'm doing this willingly, after all. I'm not even given any time to take in my surroundings before I'm pushed into a large cell with metal bars. The door is slammed shut behind me, and I couldn't help but glare at the man for being so rough as he walks away.

Seems he didn't even notice the look, which is probably a good thing. I look away, bringing my attention to the others in the cage. They are all girls between the ages of fourteen to mid twenties by the looks of it, and were probably bought or hired as servants for the King's large palace. They speak amongst themselves, seeking comfort from those around them, while I just stand and observe, unsure of what I'm supposed to do. I walk over to the corner of the massive cell composed of stone and sit.

The door isn't locked, and, yet, I feel like I've been imprisoned because of the thick bars and the armored guard watching us closely with a disturbing look on his face. He never looked my way, but it was clear he was having perverse thoughts, and I found that disgusting. A few minutes pass with me keeping my attention on the suspicious guard before a group of women wearing emerald green and white dresses approach the cell. Their waists are all tightly bound in corsets, and their long skirts cover black, low-heel shoes. Brown, leather straps bind the lower sleeves, allowing white ruffled fabric to be seen.

 "We can take it from here, Landren," claims the older woman in front of the line, who speaks in a strict voice, breaking the guard out of his staring session

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"We can take it from here, Landren," claims the older woman in front of the line, who speaks in a strict voice, breaking the guard out of his staring session. The man silently leaves, much to my relief, before the newcomers enter the cell, gaining everyone's attention.

"Greetings to all of you. My name is Margery. Me and the ladies standing behind me are here to help you get settled into your new environment. We must ask that you remove all your clothing, so you can be bathed. They will be taken and incinerated. You will then receive a uniform, two nightgowns, and underclothes. Then wait for further instructions."

The girls around me hesitate to remove their clothes, not feeling comfortable changing in front of others. I wasn't comfortable with it either, but I knew I had no say on the matter. I had a bit of an advantage for hiding myself, being behind most of them. Not many would be able to see my own body. The other women that wore green each chose a girl to bathe.

They all carried a washcloth, a bucket, and a dry towel. In the bucket is soapy water. The girl assigned to me was no older than thirty and avoided eye contact with me. She must have known how embarrassing this was. She gently takes my wrist in her calloused hands, a sign of a hard worker. I felt uncomfortable with how she cleaned me, but I still had no choice but to shut up and accept this.

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