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Pen Your Pride


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In our life..... We experiencing especially to those children that their parents have no time anymore to play with us or even to tell story or to chat longer. Because their busy to having extra income to our everyday needs especially the education is the primary needs of everyone todays.. Ofcourse I know that. I always wanted to spend more time with them.

Our house is now lonely one.  Before Our house is full of happiness moment and full of loving and caring parents.  Now no longer the same. I wake up in the morning my parents gone already to go to their work. And me breakfast,lunch and dinner my self. That why I decided to go anywhere to have fun for myself.

Myparents had always preached the virtues of hard work. But hard work is one thing; economic struggleis another.

Hi! I'm chloe. I'm 14 years old. I'm only child. Sometimes I little bit lonely because I'm the only child. I don't have  friends at all. My only friend is my dad. But he is too busy nowadays. Busy in works. My mom same with my dad busy to their works. That's why I change a lot. Even the time that my dad having time with me. I always ignore him. Instead I always go anywhere that I can't see him and mom. Me and my yaya Chelsea in the house while my parents in the work.

One day saturday morning. I wake up and saw my parents in the living room and chat at the same time laughing to each other. When they saw me. they smiling at me and said Chloe come here and sit with us. We have to tell you something? What you going to tell me. What you like to do today? we have 2 days leave. Where do you like to go? UHHHHHMMMMMM. I want to go to Boracay alone. You want to go alone there? my dad asked me. yes i would. Alright we booked you already. You better pack your things and and we delivered you there in airport. Your flight is 12:15 am to boracay. we were leaving at 9:00. yes dad. but I saw sadness in their eyes. They never react when i want to go to boracay. I thought they angry with me. Instead they face is becoming sadness. I already pack my things. I get it to my room. I'm not happy. I supposed to but never mind...................   When at in the airport. I told them I'm going inside now. They told me don't talk to stranger's and have fun. Take care of yourself. we love you. we will miss you. I ignore them and walk inside.

I'm bitter with my parents. Iwant to stay and spend time to them. But I don't know myself.............

When in the boracay. I taught having fun for me is good and refreshing but something missing and I feel sad,lonely and heavy strange feelings. I miss my parents so much.... Pride is Pride........................

One morning while I'm having a breakfast. Front Office Manager give me a medium box. and said Miss you lucky to have them.  I'm shock. Excuse me what is this? who give to me this box? what are you saying I'm lucky to have them? Secret ma'am. you should find out your self. And he is walk out to me. I open it and saw the 5 different credit cards,plain ticket to different country,key of cars,house and 25million on cash for shopping, and letter. 

Dear Baby,

               I know you angry to me and to your mom. Because all this time you alone and we don't time to spend with you anymore. We busy to work for your own future someday. That's why we are working so hard to give you a brighter future. When you asked us that you want to go to boracay alone. We are sad and  the same time  lonely because my baby is not a child anymore. Is now a youngwoman to face the real world alone. I proud of you my baby. You are my baby forever we  always love you no matter what happen. Chloe you are special to us that God gave us a talented and beautiful girl. I love you sweatheart. I wish you like our presents to you.

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