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I jolted awake by the sound of breaking glass. Slowly, I sit up in bed and instantly knew what was going on. Mom and Dad are at it again. Leaving the warmth of my bed, I sneak over to see if Cassi is awake. When I open her door and peek in, I can see that she is curled into a ball, silently weeping. I gently climb in with her wrapping my arms around her in an attempt to comfort.

We sit there for what feels like an eternity until Cassi falls asleep in my arms. After a while, I let myself follow Cassi to sleep. Then comes another broken dish, and both Cassi and I jolt awake. "May," Cassi says with an emotion-filled voice, "I'm scared." "Yeah, I know. You, know what, let's go watch the stars."

We climb out of bed, leaving that all too familiar warmth. "Grab some pillows, I'll get the covers," I say. "Ok, could we get your big bear?" Cassi asks. "No, I don't feel like carrying it up. It's too big and too heavy." I say.

After gathering the pillows and covers I open the window, pulling it up from the base. The wind plays with our hair as we climb the stairs, exposing our necks to the night breeze. I shiver, goosebumps covering my body. When we reach the top, after three flights we set the blankets on the ground, and throw the pillows on top.

We get settled in and begin watching the beautiful night sky. Silence accompanied this amazing sight, as the bare moon stares down at us. The sky was sprinkled with stars and the brightness of the moon only made the stars appear more illuminated. Cassi whispered, "Look, that's Lynx" looking to the right "and that's Cancer."

She always seems to amaze me, never holding any knowledge back. Cassi is the brains of the family, I like to believe. Always with her head in a book, always trying to learn something new.

"Yeah, that's wonderful Cassi" I sigh "let's get some sleep before school."

Cassi slowly drifts to sleep, laying her head on my shoulder. I pull the blanket to her shoulders, the wind is being very unfair. While we lay there, my mind drifts back to the war raging downstairs. I was only six when something went wrong. They just seemed to hate each other. As hard as they tried to hide it from me, I just always sensed that things weren't the same anymore. To my surprise, mom got pregnant and, against my doubts, I thought this would make them happy again. Later, after Cassi was born, they were back to their unhappy selves.

That was nearly ten years ago; and, it's only gotten worse. They can't seem to be in the same room for more than ten minutes.

Taking a deep breath, I sigh, wiping away the tears that formed unnoticeably. Why don't they just divorce already? Why did Cassi and I have to be stuck in the middle? It's only Cassi and me, we take care of each other. No family, no friends, and no God. No one but the two of us. Slowly, I float to sleep, weary of the day.

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