-1 day later-

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I woke up the Germans were already getting up I flung up out of bed. I kept to myself just staying in my clothes from last night.I didn't know the drill so I stayed around in the bunks until the soldiers moved out I followed them with my AK40 laser gun in my hand just in case.A German gave me a funny look and whispered something in German to another soldier they chuckled. I raised an eyebrow I was about to fire a warning shot then I realised that I would blow my cover and we were in a circle shaped room the room I had saw when I was on the spruce tree.A general I assume was standing on a stool of some sort using a English horse whip to point to things on a holo gram. I listened carefully writing down details on a small note pad.I listened to the conversation the general pointed at me and another soldier apparently called Barren. I'm Cinch. Barren walked away I followed him.He walked into a room with cages maybe where they took care of animals. Barren leaned down and grabbed a pail and shoved it into my hands and said something in German I nodded my head and walked toward the cages. I looked down into the bucket it was corn meal with mashed up banana (rotten) and old pork.sheesh these animals must be as worthless as dirt!I looked up I saw the things in cages I thought they were baboons or some kind of ape but these were not monkeys these were the rebels and Ashley chained up in cages.

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