Epilogue/proper endy thing I guess^-^

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-I would reccomend listening to a sad song while reading, like 'breathe me' by Sia, or 'Iris' by the goo goo dolls, or Skinny love by birdy or wake me up when september ends by green day or The Scientist (because it's ironic) by coldplay or maybe a thousand years by christina perri..... etc. just something sad okay byeee^-^ -Kerri

"W-What do you mean?" I stutter, he doesn't reply "TELL ME!" I shout, tears brimming in the corners of my eyes, "Duncan" My voice goes quiet, almost silent, as I stare into his eyes, his eyes move down to meet mine

"Ridgedog told us that as soon as you came back to this dimension, you would die, but he didn't tell us how, or why" He then says, his face not even showing any emotion

"I-" I start talking but then cut myself off, leaving silence

"I'm so sorry" Ridgedog suddenly appears beside me, placing a hand on one of my shoulders and roughly turning me to face him "thank you for bringing her to me" He then says, my eyes widen in shock, I hear someone walking away, and out of the corner of my eye, see it's Duncan

"What do you want with me, JUST TELL ME, END ALL OF THIS, KILL ME AFTER, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS THT MAKES YOU SO CRUEL AND OBSESSIVE OVER ME" I start shouting, tears on the verge of spilling over the waterline of my eyes

"You see, it's not you necessarily, it's what's inside you" He smiles

"So what is it that is inside me then? that you want so badly?" I say calmly, but on the inside I have the urge to kill him there and then.

"Flux" Is all he says, before injecting me with some kind of needle, black liquid rocketing through my veins, I let out a scream, as back lines appear on my arms, rippling like snakes "You have 2 minutes" Ridgedog says, as the black snake like markings fade to nothing.

"Duncan" I say very quietly, staring at the ground, looking up around me, to see no one "Duncan" I say a bit louder, before running in the direction of his castle, the sudden pressure bursting through my chest at a tremendous rate "DUNCAN" I shout, my throat dry and cracking, as I bang my hands on the door, tears rolling down my cheeks, the doors don't open, my legs give way, leaving me on the ground, crying "I need you" I whisper, as my eyes close, leaving me in darkness

"Thorn?" I immediately sit upright, my eyes meeting Duncan's, I don't say anything, I just wrap my arms around him, crying into his chest 

"I can't leave you" I say, between sobs

"You never will" he replies, his arms protecting me from everything out in the wilderness

"But I'm dying" I simply say, getting straight to the point "I'm disappearing" I hold my hand into the air, as it starts fading into nothing, first the tips of my fingers, then down to my wrist, down to my elbows, it's continuing until I am nothing.

"Even when you are gone, I will never forget about you, meaning, you will always be here" Duncan says, resting his forehead against mine, as I fade away "I love you" We both say in unison, as I disappear, darkness enveloping me, and the last thing I see is Duncan's gleaming blue eyes, the warmth of his breath gone, the touch of his forehead against mine, gone, the wind blowing my hair slightly, gone, the feeling of the ground against my legs, gone.


-will put a link/ thing like name i don't know of the sequel when the first chapter is up:D-Kerri

#sorry I made ridge the bad guy but I thought it worked better, he is actually really awesome and nice^-^ , except for the whole murdering villagers for blood magic but oh well#

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