RE WRITTEN: Creepypasta past

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I was in my room typing away on my fan fiction when I heard my parents yelling again. Sighing I closed my laptop and fell onto my bed into deep sleep. The feeling of hot breath beside my ear and something a bit pointy poking my cheek. “I will see you in your dream Enchantment.” A raspy low voice said and with that the presence vanished. I was in a creepy black and white carnival. ‘No no no no no please tell me this isn’t happening. I can’t be another of LJ’s targets’ I thought worriedly. The smell of cotton candy drifted to my nose and I followed. My weakness for sweets has always brought me down. I heard a slow melody of pop goes the weasel. “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought it was all in fun, pop goes the weasel.” I sang.

          I had always loved that song even after I read creepy pasta. “You have an amazing singing voice my dear.” That same voice from before said. “Thank you Laughing Jack.” I said looking at the greyscale clown. “Ah so you’ve heard of me?” “Yes almost every single one of the creepy pasta.” I said sitting down with a huge thing of cotton candy. He cackles insanely and sits beside me. “And yet you’re not scared?” “Not entirely. Considering the past I’ve had.” “Oh and how is that?” he asked almost teasingly. I watch the giant Farris wheel spin around in multi-color lights as I tell about my past.

*8 years ago:  age 7*

          Being dragged by my long brown hair behind the b**** I call my mother into the woods. She throws me into the trunk of a dead tree cackling and sobbing at the same time. “Emmy my spawn of a freak your father left me because of you!” slap! Skin against skin contact sounded through the silence. ‘No tears, no yelling, no violence, I must stay strong for myself.’ I thought as she grabbed an uprooted dead rose bush and sobbed. “This is for how many times you made me cry.” She carved 6 lines from my bottom eye lids and down my cheek, three under each eye. The blood spilt like crimson tears running down my face. “I hope you die Emmy~ Mommy hates you and so does daddy!” a black tentacle like thing grabbed my mother by the waist holding her up high making her scream in terror as she faced a very tall faceless man in a black tux and red tie. ‘Don’t look if you don’t want to see her die.’ The man said in my head and I nodded and stared in amazement as he ripped her in half and hung her by her entrails. Her body just bounced and swayed in the breeze. “Thank you sir. What’s your name?” “Slender man child and who are you?” I stared at him for a second before answering “Enchantment, Enchantments curse.” This being the first time I’ve spoken in years to someone other than myself or online. “Well I’ll be going. Goodbye Enchantment.” “When will I see you again?” “Just look for me in these woods and you’ll be able to find me.”

It was a couple of years and I was good friends with Slender. I was a loud to call him Slendy and I was Charm. I was upset on that day September 7th, 2010. I was going to be adopted and being moved away. The night before I snuck out into the woods to say goodbye. “Slendy!” I cried as he picked me up in his arms as I felt tears fall. “What’s wrong my little charm?” “Someone adopted me so I’ll be moving!” I cried. I really didn’t want to leave my best friend, practically an older brother. “Are they a good family?” “I-I d-don’t know Slendy b-but I don’t want to leave.” I sniffed as he rubbed my back like a child. “Take this Charm. And remember you’ll see me again. I promise.” He gives me a black ribbon choker with a blood red circle with an X through it. “It’s beautiful Slendy. Thank you for being here for me.” “You’re welcome little charm. Now go get some rest.” “Ok bye Slendy.” I hugged him tight and then ran back to get some sleep.

          I had been with my foster parents for a couple of months and it turns out they had a son named Ben. He was so cool as a brother. We always played Majora’s Mask…. But one day he never came back with Kane, my foster dad. I asked Anna if she knew where Ben was but all she did was ignore me. The next day I was back in a foster home. It turned out he was dead. ‘Benny I miss you. I love you bro…’

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