Hate i dont get it what did i ever do to them? i ask my self all the time i have never told anyone this but when i was little i got bullied and i never knew what i did to deserve to get hit and called names i just never got it but finally i made true friends who stayed by myself and thats when i relised it wasnt me it was them. After Lukes little speech the hate has gone down some but not all the i guess thats what happens when you marry and have a baby with a celeberty you just have to push through it and be happy right now luke and i are going to the doctor for a check up on the baby today i am about 4 months and 2 weeks and im getting bigger but luke seems happy.

''Luke come on before we are late'' yell through our condo in the hotel

'' im coming'' he says grabbing the keys

 as we walk to the car and climb in holding my tummy

''i love you'' i say to luke

''i love you too babe'' he smiles

'' im so happy that we are having this baby'' luke says putting his hand on my tummy ove my hand

''my too we are gonna be one big happy family'' i say smiling at my baby

''we are here'' luke says helping me gett out of the car

''thank you mr.hemmings'' i smile walking in

''you are welcome mrs.hemmings'' he laughs as i walk up to the front check in window

''hi i am here to mrs. hope'' i say at the window to the lady who was also expecting

''ok whats you name'' the lady asks as i read her name tag which says marissa

''Gentry Hemmings'' i say as i smile

''Dr. Hope said to send you on back so follow me'' marissa says as i take lukes hand a follow her to a room as i sit on the bed she says ''she will be with you in a minute im just going to start the ultra sound so if you would please lay down and pull your shirt up''

''okay'' i say as doing what she tells me as i look at Luke who was nervous and smile

"So flipping cold" I mouthed at Luke making him laugh

"would you like to know the gender" the nurse asked us as I look at Luke to see what he wanted

"No" we say to the nurse at the same time making her laugh

"Okay the Dr.  will be here in a second" she says right when she comes in

"hello I'm Dr. hope" she says

"So you have decided not to find out the baby's gender" she says

"yes we want it to be a surprise" Luke says

"well your healthy and you will probably have it in July since it is March" hope says

"ok thank you" and with that we checked out and left

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