I Promise, Lion

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Later that night Phil and I are invited to a party at Louise's house. She's told me Hazel and Nash are going, but not as a couple.

Because I believe that.

I decide on not getting changed because I look good in this and I urge Phil to keep on what he's got. Striding into the livingroom I wait for my boyfriend. He comes out of his room wearing a bowtie, which I think is adorable and give him a peck on the cheek. Phil pulls another bowtie from his pocket and fixes it on my neck. It's red.

"Oh my god, I look like the Eleventh Doctor, Phil," I groan, and Phil just smiles and pulls the ends of my bowtie. I wink at him and he entwines our hands without a word. We leave our flat ready for a party.


Bloody hell, I've had too much to drink. My head is swimming and I put the glass down on a nearby table. I rub my head. Phil. Where's Phil? Suddenly I am very worried. "Phil?" I call, and almost instantaniously he's by my side. Like always. 

"Okay, let's get you home." He says and I snake my arms around his waist. "Hold on a sec, though," I say, and quickly kiss him on the cheek before leaving. My emotions are fluxuating enormously-first I wanted Phil by me side, the next thing I leave him?

I stop thinking about this when I run into Hazel. "Hazel," I say, slurring my words. This is the first time I've talked to her since...the incident. "Dan," she says and looks away. "Nice bowtie." I sniff and haughtily say thanks.

Suddenly I burst into tears. "Hazel I am so sorry..." I begin and suddenly she's kissing me. "Take me back, Dan," She says between kisses. I want to pull away, I want to leave. I want to speak, but I can't. I'm not kissing back, I'm just standing there awkwardly.  I can tell Hazel's a little drunk as well, because her mood changes almost instantly. I also believe this is because of her bipolar disorder. You do not want to be around Hazel if she's all mood-switchy. "Okay, fine. You don't want me back? I don't care. Goodbye, Howell." Then she stalks away, and I just feel dizzy.

"Dan?" I hear a familiar voice behind me, and a lump forms in my throat. How much had Phil seen? I hope enough to know I wasn't cheating.

"Let's go home," I say and Phil nods and entwines our hands. I can still feel the lighting when we touch, and it reassures me, though I don't know why, really. We walk out without seeing Louise; she's nowhere. My boyfriend hails a taxi and we wait in the chilly November weather. I realise I am crying a little, and wipe away the tears before Phil can see. I do shiver, and Phil turns to me and wraps his arms around my shoulders. I feel safe with him close to me, and for the first time I think how good Dan Howell-Lester sounds.



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