Chapter 12 Now They Know

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Luke: I watch Kay go off to finish the rooms, one of the cameras following her and the other following me as I take the stairs I look over my shoulder to see Kay still hard at work, “I’m going to help you out of this. Somehow.” I vow quietly.

“And cut!” Thompson says, “That’s a wrap. Thanks everyone. Have a great afternoon. Chelsea, Gavin, interview and photo shoots. Go change. Celebrity Insider and Teens Today want you both as cover articles.”

“I’m not doing anything without Kattie’s approval first.” Chelsea calls back to him from set. She'll be the death of him yet.

“She’s right there talking to them; both your publicists are over there.” Cole answers walking away.

“Miss Chelsea, Mr. Gavin. Matching or complementary?” our outfit consultants ask.

“Chelsea we have to touch up your make up.” her makeup stylist says dragging her away. The costume consultant turns and walks back to the costume trailer apparently not wanting to spend too much time waiting.

“Something blue!” I hear Chelsea call out as her stylist pulls her into the makeup trailer.

“Something blue.” I repeat with a smile. I head into the costume trailer and repeat the words one last time to the costume consultant. Blue. We settle on a white t shirt and a blue sports jacket, my signature look sports coats. White t-shirt, blue sports coat, and a blue fedora with a white satin strip on it. I brush back my hair with my fingers before shaking it back out and placing the fedora on. My black slacks go through a delinting process and I’m ready to go. I go outside to wait for Chelsea. I see Austin and walk over to him.

“You guys are doing great.” He says giving me a fist bump. “So you've both got interviews now. How long do they last?”

“Anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours.” I answer.

“Austin.” I hear Chelsea's voice before I see her, “I’m so sorry, I wasn't expecting to have the magazine interviews. You’re probably bored out of your mind here.” Chelsea walks up in a white knee length dress that flares out at the waist, a blue cashmere scarf, a blue two inch leather belt, at her waist, blue jewelry, and black flats with blue gems. Austin stands openly staring at her. “Austin?”

“Chels, you look-” Austin says, “Are you sure this is just an interview? You’re not ditching me for a dance are you?” he asks.

“As if I could!” she says, “My conscious would never let me. I hit you, and then I ditch you?” she says walking up to his side, “I’d win the worst best friend award for life.” She places a hand on his cheek, “Does it still hurt?”

“No, it’s fine.” He says placing his hand over hers, pulling it down, and cradling it. “You both look awesome. I’m going to be in your trailer. Don’t forget to come get me before you leave.” He jokes giving Chelsea a hug before putting his hands in his leather coats pockets and walking off.

“Ready?” I ask Chelsea. She watches Austin disappear around the corner. “Chels”

“Let’s go get it over with.” Chelsea says turning in her designer flats and heading off to our awaiting publicist and interviews. I follow her.

“Good afternoon, Miss Stonefield, Mr. Blackwell.” Both interviewers greet us Chelsea extends a hand for them to shake.

“So we’re going to interview you together.” One of the reporters explains, “Teens today won the first interview so, I'll be back with your publicists when you’re done.” She walks off with both of our publicist.

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