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I stared at the plain, white wall in front of me. Tears were still spilling from my eyes after a whole night of crying, I didn't think I'd have anymore tears left.

Harry's snores filled the room, he done it again. He raped me last night. "We will have a baby no matter what" his voice kept ringing in my head, his arm was wrapped around my waist and I felt physically sick just at him touching me.

You're probably wondering why I'm not trying to escape again because he's asleep, I've been trying all night but being handcuffed to the bed was pretty hard.

I just want to die right now, I've been kidnapped by a psychopath, raped twice, I've been pregnant against my will, miscarried, beaten, cut, caught, dragged back to hell and had every type of abuse, mentally, physically, sexually and emotionally.

I couldn't take it anymore.

Harry started stirring in his sleep and sighed deeply, after a couple of second his raspy voice whispered "are you awake?".

I squeezed my eyes shut and ignored him, maybe if I pretended to be asleep, he'd leave me alone. He pressed his chest against my back and pulled me into him, "I love you" he whispered.

He kissed my back and buried his face into my neck, "I always will Mel" he whispered. Does he know I'm awake? "I'll wait for you to wake up" he whispered. I guess not.

His legs tangled in with mine and he sighed of relief, "I'm not going to let this happen again, loosing you or our baby" he whispered. "It's funny because you think I'm keeping you here like a prisoner just for my pleasure, I keep you here because I love you, I need you and I want to keep you safe. I know you can't hear me but I want you to understand that" he said quietly.

He hugged me tighter and kissed my neck again, "I already have everything sorted out for our baby you know? I've had it sorted out since you were first here. The nursery is next door, I have baby clothes, bottles, the cot, the little bath...everything you can think of. Our baby will have the best of everything Melanie" he smiled.

Except for the best dad, or house, or social life. Life in general.

It was silent and he rubbed my stomach, "God, if you're up there. Please I'm begging you, don't let anything go wrong with her pregnancy this time" he whispered.

Harry isn't a christian. Everything he has done, he is fucking a Devil worshipper.

I couldn't stand to listen to his pathetic talking anymore or have his hands on me a second longer, I faked a yawn and turned around to look at him. He was looking up at the ceiling but looked at me quickly, "morning" he said, smiling at me.

How could he act like nothing happened last night?

I ignored his greeting and croaked "can I go for a bath?", he nodded and cracked a smile at me. "But I've locked all the windows and boarded them up again so don't even try to escape" he said sternly, I nodded and he grabbed a small key from the bedside table.

He unlocked my handcuffs and my arms fell to my side, he pulled me up and my whole body was sore. He gently guided me to the bathroom and ran my bath, "alone?" I asked hopefully. He smiled and kissed my forehead, "alone" he repeated.

After a few minutes he turned the taps off and placed a towel on the towel rack, "call me if you need me" he said. He kissed my nose and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I climbed in the bath and sat down, the hot water soaking my body instantly. Tears rolled down my face but faded into the water, I don't want this baby and I bet this baby doesn't want this life.

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