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(Day before Christmas Eve. Jake's POV)

I looked down at my baby girl again. I brought my guitar with me and Andy and Ashley shuffled in the room.

"Hey hunny." I smiled. "We thought seeing how we don't want you to hear the same crap all the time, we thought we would sing."

I sat down in one of the chairs, getting comfy. I played the intro to Rebel Love Song.

"I cannot hide what's on my mind, I feel it burning deep inside. A passion crime to take what's mine, Let us start living for today." Ashley sang softly.

"Never gonna' change my mind. We can leave it all behind, Nothin's gonna' stop us, No not this time!" I sang softly then I looked at Andy.

"So take your hand in mine, It's ours tonight, This is a rebel love song." Andy sang then stopped.

We all looked at Jess and her fingers moved slightly. Ashley stood up and ran to the door. I took hold of Jess's hand and squeezed it. She squeezed it back, her head twitching.

"Sing again Andy." I said.

"Hearts will sacrifice, It's do or die, This is a rebel love song." He sang and her eyes fluttered opened.

Ashley came back in with nurses. They told us to get out the room so I grabbed my guitar and pushed Andy out the room. We closed the door and sat in the chairs outside the room when we heard a long continuous noise. Andy started crying. A slow beeping noise started and we looked at each other in shock. Ashley held Andy in his arms while I held my head in my hands.

(Jess's POV)

"Jess! Can you hear me?" A nurse asked.

"Yes! I'm not deaf!" I said snarkily.

"Ok Jess. What year is it?" The nurse asked.

"My name is JJ and it's..... erm..... 2012?" I asked confused.

"Ok. Who are you parents?"

"Ian and Jane Scott." I said. "Where the hell am I?" I asked.

"Your in the hospital."


"You fell down the stairs."

I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Clumsy me eh? So erm, where's my mom?" I asked.

The look on the nurse's face made me uneasy.

"Well?" I asked again."I really need her just now!"

She whispered something to the other nurse and she went outside. She came back in with someone.

"Oh my god! Your Jake Pitts!" I squealed then held my ribs tightly.

"Yes I am darling. How are you?" He looked uneasy.

I raised my eyebrow at him and looked at his arms. There was a tattoo of a panda face with my name in it.

"Why do you have a tattoo of my name?" I asked confused.

Jake looked at the nurse and she nodded.

"I'm your dad hunny." He said nervously.

I looked at him shocked and I could hear the heart monitor getting faster and faster.

(Jake's POV)

"I'm your dad hunny." I said nervously.

She looked at me shocked. Her heart monitor got faster and faster. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started taking a fit. I was pushed out the room and I sat down shocked in the seats. I collapsed to the ground as I cried. Andy and Ashley were still crying.

(Next day Andy's POV)

We all sat in the house, sitting around a table that had all our phones on it.  My phone starting ringing and I picked up quickly and put it on speakerphone.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello. This is Saint Agnes Hospital. Is this Andrew Biersack?"

"Yes please tell me Jess is ok?" I asked as everyone looked at me.

"I'm afraid it's not good news."

Those words broke me.

"What's happened?" Jake asked.

"She had very serious brain damage and had a silent stroke. I'm sorry. I wish I didn't have to tell you this but Jessica is not longer with us." The nurse said choking up.

I hung up the phone and threw it across the room. Everyone started crying. I ran up to Jess's room, locked the door and put her couch against it. I sat against the wall looking at the picture of me and Jess the night before the accident. My tears splashed down onto the picture and I cried for what seemed like days but was only hours.

I crawled to her bed and hugged the pillows because they still smelt like her. She smelt like bubblegum and Monster. I breathed in her smell and looked at the picture of her. All my memories of her came flooding back.

The first day I met her. She was dressed up as me and she was singing with me. She seemed so shy and sweet.

Christmas. She got me birthday presents and drew me with I'm Batman around it. Then we went to see Dark Knight. But that was the time we first noticed her self-harming and her dad.

The First Concert. She was so giggly and bubbly. I couldn't believe how adorable she was when she told us about the girls.

The day she surprised us in Glasgow. She flew back to see us in Glasgow.

The day she agreed to marry me.

Warped Tour.

Jess has a way to make everything better and I love her.

I love Jess.

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