Chapter 3:Teasing

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As as the bell rang, Luke stormed out of the classroom and I quickly chased after him. As I was running after him,all of a sudden Angelina stops right in front of me.

"Hey, what are you doing after-school?" She asked me.

"Umm nothing much..look I got to g--" "So do you want to hang out after?" She interrupted me.

I was looking behind her to see where Luke disappeared. "Yeah..sure" I replied.

"Who are you looking for?" She said and looked behind her.

I gave her a glare and thought to myself 'should I tell her or not'

"I'll tell you later, I have to go I'll be late to class" I quickly ran off to my next class hoping that Luke would show up.

I finally found my class and took an empty seat next to Luke.

"Luke can you stop ignoring me" I whispered to him.

"I'm not ignoring you!" He whispered loudly.

"Excuse me! Both of you step outside" the algebra teacher yelled out.

I could see the frustration on Luke's face which send shivers down my spine.

"You both have detention for distracting the class"


It was finally the end of the day and I almost forgot I have detention with that annoying algebra teacher.

"Can you please explain what happened to you? Why are you mad all of a sudden?" I asked Luke before we walked in to the room.

"You can't just lead me on and leave" he says pushing me slightly and walking inside.

Lead him on? What was he talking about?

As I walked into an empty room I took a seat in the back. Luke was sitting 3 rows a head of me. I was looking at the clock that was right by Luke and praying that these two hours of hell will end faster.

"I'll be right back" the teacher announced.

"Luke--" I said

"Look I'm sorry for screaming at you earlier. It's just that I thought we had a connection and everything was going fine but and clearly you thought differently"

"No it's not that, it's -- I can't--- Angelina told me not to get involved with you and that you were a "bad boy" as I air quoted with my fingers.

"Angelina?" He questioned me. "Why did she say that?" He adds.

"You really want to believe her?" He says as he gets closer to me.

I could feel my goosebumps rise as he gets even closer to me. He whispers in the curve of my neck which makes me go crazy for him. Right when he was about to kiss me he stops an inch away from my lips. I could feel his hot breath on my lips, it's sent shivers down my body.

"Oh look at that..we have to go" he says teasing me as he walked back, grabbed his book and walked out f the classroom.

What the actual fuck just happened? I thought to myself.

I quickly gathered my stuff and ran after him.

"Luke, what the actual fuck just happened?" I asked furiously.

He pins me against the lockers "Oh you mean this?" He said as he placed light kisses on my neck traveling up and stoping right by my lips.

All of the sudden I hear a random cough. I quickly turned around to see it was Angelina...

I pushed Luke slightly off of me and tried to fix my hair and act natural.

Luke walked past Angelina giving her dirty looks and he pushed her slightly with his shoulder.

"What was going on?" She asks nonchalantly.

"So I know I you told me to stay away from him but that night I dropped him off from the beach we kissed but I pushed him away before --- well anyways now he is mad about that and he is teasing me. But after that kiss I know that I can't not get involved with him. I want him." I started to babble.

I could see her extremely surprised reaction as she picks her own jaw from the floor.

"What?!!? Well it's your life you choose but don't tell me I didn't warn you later when your crying about him cheating on you" she says as calm as possible and walks away.

I walk towards the end of the hallway and right when I was turning to exit someone pulled me towards them.

"Now I know you can't resist me" Luke says as he smashes his lips into mine. It was such a passionate kiss that everything else became a blur and all I saw was Luke.


Hope you guys really like this book. And don't worry this won't be a 'all happy' type of book😘


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