Justin's P.O.V.

The sunlight from out side peered through the crack through the curtains. Ugh I hate sunlight especially right now. I had a huge headache, well damn Bieber what did you do last night I thought to myself. My questions were answered when I saw a familiar brunette beside. Shit, don't tell me that's Caitlin or even Selena. I got up from the bed not wanting to wake the sleeping mysterious person. I walked over to their side and looked to see who it was. Dammit, it was Caitlin, this wouldn't be so good.

I really didn't want to wake her not one bit. What was I supposed to do? She started rustling around in the bed as if searching for my body.I quickly darted back to my side and lied down. Smooth move Biebs. Satisfied she went back to sleep cuddled on top of me, even better. (Note the sarcasm). I quietly took her arms off of me but she sort of beat me to it.

"Why are you getting up?" Caitlin asked

"Uh, I gotta use the bathroom" I stammered

"Oh, okay then go use the bathroom" she chuckled

"Oh and by they way you were great last night" she called from my room. Gosh, how much I wanted to kill her. I walked out of the bathroom and back to my room.

"Listen what ever happened last night, forget about it" I said sternly

"Awh, why?" she whined

"Because I said so bitch, no one I mean no one needs to know about this or you'll regret it" I yelled

"Whatever you say Bieber but what if my friends ask where I was last night?" she asked

"I don't know make some shit up!" I threw my hands up in the air. If Chloe found out about this she'll kill me.

"Okay,can I get something to eat before I go?" she asked. Why won't she stop talking, I swear I'm going to rip her vocal cords out.

"No, just get out, NOW!" I yelled

"Okay, okay I'll go" she said while I pushed her out the door.

"Wait, I think I forgot something upstairs" she said. I think I'm going to loose it if she doesn't leave in the next 5 minutes.

"You better hurry and get it you have 5 minutes and that's it, nothing more nothing less" I said sternly

"Alrighty" she said while going up the stairs. I didn't trust her up there by herself but whatever she doesn't seem like that type of person who snoops through your stuff. Lies.

Caitlin's P.O.V.

I walked up the stairs back to Justin's room. It was quite messy but whatever. I lied when I said I forgot something, I really didn't. Dylan told me to look for something like notes or lyrics or some type of shit like that. Bingo, I found something that said "Justin Drew Bieber's Lyrics". I picked it up and shoved it in my bag quickly. I exited the room cautiously and went downstairs and I faked a smile at him.

"So you don't need a ride?" Justin asked

"No, I'll be fine I'm going to take the bus" I said

"Oh alright, see you never" he called from his front door

"I heard that Justin" I said from the end of his driveway

"Oh it was meant for you to hear it" he laughed. I chuckled stiffly at his remark. Asshole. Once I was out of his sight I pulled out my white iPhone and called Dylan.

"What?" he spat at me

"I got Bieber's little journal" I said sing-songly

"Excellent, where are you?" he asked

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