--Louis POV--

Harry and I burst through the door after saying goodbye to our parents. I push him towards the couch. He falls onto the couch with a small "Louis." I straddle his lap, putting my lips near his ear and nibbling. He lets out a soft moan. I remove my lips and put mine against his. He wastes no time to kiss back, hungrily. His hands move up to my hair and pulls softly. I groan. I move my hands down his stomach to the hem of his shirt. I tug the bottom so he knows that I'm about to take it off. He puts his arms up and I basically rip it off. He puts his arms down after I do and starts to take my shirt off. I lift mine and let him. He finishes taking off my shirt and I look down at him. He doesn't have a full six pack, but you can see it forming. I let my hands roam around his stomach, touching everywhere before my hand reaches the zipper on his pants. I look towards him and he nods.

I unzip his pants, slowly, my eyes never leaving his. "Christ Lou," he whispered, squirming. He bucks his hips and I let out a small chuckle. "Someone's eager," I say, unzipping his pants completely. I get off of his lap and pull him up. I then bend down and pull off his pants and boxers at the same time. He's bigger than I thought, I think. He let out a sigh when he was freed. I look him in the eyes, before taking his member in my hand then my mouth. "Lou," he moans. I start to bob my head and pump whatever I can't fit in my mouth. I look up towards Harry and bat my eyes. He flings his head back, moaning, and bucks his hips up. I place my free hand on his hip to keep him from doing that. I remove my mouth and run my tongue up and down his shaft. He squirms and continues to try and move his hips up.

I put my mouth back on his dick and suck. He moans loudly. "Lou, if you don't want me to cum you should stop." He says, each word followed by a loud breath. I remove my mouth and go back up to him, letting Harry taste himself. He puts his hands down my pants and grabs my ass. I moan into his mouth and he lets his tongue slip into mine. Our tongues fight an intense battle and I end up letting him win. I grab his hair and pull slightly, causing him to let out a moan. Harry takes his hands out of my pants and starts to palm me through my restricting jeans. I moan loudly, thrusting my hips towards him to create friction. I hear Harry let out a deep chuckle as he stops the make out. "Let's set you free," he says seductively. His eyes are full of lust. I get up and he takes off my pants, then my boxers. I let out a groan as I am set free.

He eyes me. "Wow, bigger than what you look eh?" I frown at him, "What does that mean?" He grabs my hands, sending a shock through them. "Small hands usually mean small dicks," he says jokingly. I slap him lightly on the shoulder and he connects his mouth to my neck, sucking. I let my mouth form the shape of an "o" letting out small moans. I wrap one of my hands around his member and pump. He moans while sucking on my skin. He releases my skin and looks me in the eye as he bends down and takes all of me in his mouth. I don't know what I'm more turned on at: the fact that he can deep throat or that he is looking at me with innocent eyes while doing this. I almost cum just from him looking at me. I grip his hair and pull softly. He moans. I pull harder this time and soon I am getting him to bob his mouth at my own pace.

I cum in his mouth after a couple minutes of this and he swallows. That was hot, I think. He kisses me roughly, our tongues fighting for dominance and him winning. I moan as he starts to suck and massage on my tongue. I release the kiss and bend down to put his member in my mouth. I suck on him as I bob my head up and down,occasionally flicking my tongue over the tip. He cums in my mouth and, like him, I swallow. I kiss him, letting him taste himself.


We layed on the couch after our, activities. Harry had put a blanket over the top of us and I was cuddling into his chest. As I was falling asleep, I heard speak. "So what does this make us?" I shook my head. "I don't know. Brothers with benefits? Fuck buddies?" I feel tense. "I don't want to just be that. We just gave each other blowjobs Lou, that's kind of a big deal," he says. I move my head to look up at him. "Well Harry, this is really new to me. And what we are doing, it's illegal. Sort of like incest just not blood related," I say, a little bit more harsh than I meant. He sighs. "I know. Believe me Lou, I know. I've thought about it more than I want to admit." I look at him with a questioning look.. "Why, Mr. Styles does this mean that you have been thinking of me?" I ask in a joking manner. He chuckles. "Yes, yes I have." I can't help but to smile and rest my head on his chest. I fall asleep listening to his heart beat.


Why isn't that just sweet. Took me a while to write the smut becuase ya'know I'm awkward.

Question: Should I write a Larry Mpreg and/or and incest/twincest with my own characters?

Also, not really sure of what should come next of this story so comment down below suggestions. I might put it on hold or I might just wing it. Who knows. Anywhore, gotta go. Sleep is calling my name.

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