CHRIS I got British tatted on me Bahja said as showing chris. Chr-Chris Im pregnant Bahja said happliy as she hugged him.You happy Bahja said.Course Chris said.Lets celebrate Bahja said as pouring a shot of gin as trying drink it.Chris knocked it out her hand.You aint gon kill my son Chris said.You mean your daughter Bahja said.Uhmm Chris said.then they far along are you chris said.3 Bahja said.

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Bahja chris said.What Bahja said with an attitude.Damn,why shawty gotta attitude chris said as sitting beside.Didnt you see my damn foot right there like wtf Bahja screamed.Who the hell you screaming at Chris said.Im screaming at your retarded ass Bahja said.Oh so Im retarded now Chris said as Bahja got up and went in the kitchen.Bahja put her head over the sink.Chris came and wrapped his arms around her.Bae its alright Chris said.No its not,Im really having second thoughts about the baby Bahja cried.You ain getting rid of my son Chris said.Its just Ive been depressed and im really tired im fussing at you every time I get a chance Bahja cried.Dont een worry bout it chris said as kissing Bahja.I really wanna girl Bahja said.Wellnwhat you gon name ha chris said.Christie or Christyle or Christina Bahja said.Her last name Boston Chris said.No last name Rodriguez Bahja said.How bout we get married and she can just have my last name Chris said.I dont wanna marry you Bahja said.Come on lets get married chris said.Why do you want to marry mw,if you answer this I swear to god I will marry you tommorow Bahja said.Cause I luhhh you,my son(Bahja laughed)The baby started crying.Hol that thought Bahja said as going to get the baby.She came back down.You tryna act like you dont wanna marry me Chris said.Im not saying that I don't Im saying that we have time and Im not basically ready to settle down Bahja said.Come on Bae Chris said.Bahja punch him because he tried to smack her butt.Then her pulled her titties.Ouch!Bahja screamed.What chris said.That hurt its milk and every fucking thing Bahja said.I should get you back from throwing up in the bathroom yesterday morning chris said.Its morning sickness Bahja said.You ain getting no food when I cook Chris said.Why Bahja said.Cause your getting fat how much you weight now Chris said.139 Bahja said.And how much you use to way Chris said.127 Bahja said.See Chris said.What you think?Im pregnant Bahja said.Still Chris said.Well wake me up when the food is done Bahja said.You just went to sleep Chris said.I know Im extremly tired of everything the album,the baby and I have to get some sleep because tommorow I have to fly to new york so Aunt tiny can announce the winnef and I have to perform Bahja said.Ughhh I guess Chris said.Ohhh and we have to go pick up Bre from the airport at 2 Bahja said.Ite but we can do oral Chris said.Maybe Bahja said.

Baby wak- Chris said as he noticed Bahja was on the phone.She held up one finger.Excuse me Bahja as holding the down.What Bahja said.Dinner chris said.Oh Bahja said as getting up.Yes Well I got the pictures from last time when I was 3 months and I want to take another one my 7 month Bahja said

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We are here today to announce the winner of our solo for solo but before we will like to welcome our one and only Bahja Rodriguez.

"Hey hi doing Bahja said as the lights got dem"This song explains me before something and my loved one.

" Chest to chest, nose to nose Palm to palm, we were always just that close Wrist to wrist, toe to toe Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose

So how come when I reach out my finger It feels like more than distance between us?

In this California king bed We're ten thousand miles apart I've been California wishing on these stars For your heart on me, my California king

Eye to eye, cheek to cheek Side by side, you were sleeping next to me Arm in arm, dusk to dawn with the curtains drawn And a little last night on these sheets

So how come when I reach out my fingers It seems like more than distance between us?

In this California king bed We're ten thousand miles apart I've been California wishing on these stars For your heart on me, my California king

Just when I felt like giving up on us You turned around and gave me one last touch That made everything feel better And even then my eyes got wetterrrrr ( the music slowed down)

Does he love or was that a trap to my heart do he need me well our love just fell apart.Do I feel him is it just a new start.Can you lay me on the bed -she did a dance move-Take off my clothes get me on floor then Ah Ah.I just want you tonight baby" Bahja sanged.The crowd was going wild.

Next we are going to have have a voting.So everyone recieved a Roku pare pad mini so all you have to do is fill in your name a vote for who you think is going to win for MB and OM and At the end if you get one erson right you get 100 dollars if you get both you get 250 Tiny said.*After the vote*They started playing a video of Ray and a song that all of them made a long time ago which was (meant to be).

So Bahja won and they are started this thing where OMG is an free agency for a year and they have to do everything on they on.

Next Month

Me and my bae got Tattos today (Bahja posted on insta).

Gimme hug Bahja said as as hugging chris.What do you want you only do this when you want some chris said. as chopping the bell pepper.Bahja put her hand on his neck and started kissing him.Chris started rubbing her butt.Can I see your credit card Bahja said.For what?chris said.I wanna go ahed and buy stuff for the new house Bahja said.Why so soon chris said.Were moving in 2 more weeks Bahja said.My mom already bought most of the stuff Chris said.Bahja made a face.Man here chris said.Yayy!Bahja said as getting the card.Dont go over 6 grand chris said.Okay,hurry up with breakfast Bahja said.*1 hour later*.

Baby Bahja screamed from up stairs coming down and going into the kitchen.When do you think we can start moving the stuff in the house Bahja said.Well you can go head and move the baby shit in there chris said.By Friday Bahja said as sitting down at the table.Okay thank you Bahja said.Here you go chris said as sitting the plate in front of her.Bahja tasted the eggs and spit it out.Eww,wtf? Im gonna go to I hop with Bre and nique Bahja said.Its that nasty chris said.Yes Bahja said.Chris made a frown.Well thank you for trying Bahja said as kissing him.she grabbed the keys and left out.


Come in prod said.Bahja took British out of prod hand.Bahja got her stuff off the floor and left out.


So what were yall thinking should be our next step Bahja said.I was thinking we should start working on an album Nique said.I was thinking starting our own clothing line Bre said.I was actually thinking both but before I have the ba- Bahja caught herself.Wait what bre said.It sound like she said baby nique said.Are you pregnant Bre said as feeling Bahja stomach.Yes Bahja said as nique and bre screamed.Thats why yall are moving into that big house nique said.Yall dont tell nobody Bahja said.They gon find out soon Nique said.Well can we help with decorating her room bre said.Come by saturday Bahja said.Okay nique said.Do Aunt tiny and your mom know Bre said.Yes Bahja said.

She had the  baby on march 7

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