Endless pain? Chapter 16

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 -Isabella's POV:-        

"Isi baby? Baby this isn't healthy! Please open the door. Please I'm worried. Look please talk to me, I-I need to know you are okay. Isi?"

Two days. It's been two days since the truth has been told. Two days the truths been eating away at me. Two days I have been locked in my room.

Don't get me wrong, I don't blame my father for it. But how can I face him; Knowing that my mother did that to him. His brother, my biological "father" did that to him. I feel ashamed and disgusted. With my mother, my biological "father", with myself.

I also just want to sit and think. Is that so wrong?

After a final attempt to talk to me, which lead to me still ignoring my father, he leaves.

Do I still call him that? Dada? Do I still call him that? How can I? With what right can I.

It's these sort of thoughts that keep eating away at me.

I feel a vibration on my bedside table. Again. I ignore it. Again. I don't wish to communicate with anyone thus ignoring everyone. Yet they don't get the hints and my phone keeps buzzing.

I feel a knock on my door followed by a voice. A voice I haven't heard in a few days.

"Isabella?" Adam knock gently and asks.

"Isabella? Can you open the door please? Please? It's just me".

Unsure of what to do, I ignore the knock and Adams presence.

"Isabella, I know you can hear me and I know your listening yet choosing to ignore me. Please just open the door so we can talk".

Again I ignore.

After a few minutes I hear him exhale loudly and I hear footsteps. Thinking he's gone, I lay on my pillow and think. As usual.

As my eyes close I hear a loud knock.

"ISABELLA! It's Everett!!!" I hear Adam shout. Upon hearing his words I panic and immediately rush to the door opening it.

"What do you mean?! What happened?! Is she okay?! Oh my god! We need to go n-"

Adam pushes me into the room and locks it.

"Everett's fine Isabella! Calm down!"

Feeling confused as well as annoyed I ask "then what was that?"

Adam scratches his neck nervously before looking away from me.

"I needed you to open up and I figured saying something like that would make you open up"

Feeling angry and annoyed, both at Adam and myself, I storm over to him and begin shouting.

"Are you really this stupid! How dare you! How dare you toy with my feelings. How dare you lie. How dare you think this as some joke. How da-"

"Isabella calm down. That's how I feel. Upset and angry when you ignore my calls, texts, when I try talking to you. That's how worried I g-"

"Oh so this is some form of payback! Is this you getting back at me?! Is t-"

"Stop! Don't you dare say anything else! I had to do something because I care so much about you! I was flipping worried about you and you wouldn't open up. What did you expect. You had everyone worried!"

I stayed quiet. What could I say. Feeling the tears fall from my eyes I wipe away at them.

"Well what do you want?" I ask weakly.

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