10/ Mistakes Made

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Sorry, No Song.

Messiah 'Siah' Anderson*****

  Just when everything start going good something, fucks it up. But this, I ain't got no one to blame but my damn self.

  I opened the door for Phat and helped her out. She nodded her head and gave me a little smile as she stepped ahead of me and pulled her oversized shades down covering her beautiful eyes from the beaming hot sun. I closed her door and sounded the alarm as I grabbed her head and led her to my condo upstairs.

  Unlocking the door and pushing it open, I allowed Phat to enter first. She stepped in and I turned on the lights after closing the front door and making sure it was locked. I watched as Phat stared at my new place in amazement and approval.

  "The Interior Decorator did a good job." She nodded her head as she ran her manicured nails over the black leather couch.

  "How you know I didn't do this?" I asked coming up behind her. I felt her shiver beneath my touch.

  "Messiah baby, I know you too well. And I know you didn't do this." She used her hands to motion around the front area.

  "So you know me, now?"

  "Damn right. Just as much as you know 'bout me, I know 'bout you." She said confidently.

"My favorite color?"


  "What dish do I hate?"


  "Mmm-hmm. I see ya' shawty." I joked.

  "Your turn." She said while she picked up on my swaying and going along with the slow motion.

  "Your favorite color is green and you hate octopus with a passion." I said.

She turned around in my arms and began caressing my cheeks.

  "What are you doing?" I asked looking at her oddly.

  "Just hold me, kay?" She asked.

  I nodded my head and pulled her into me tighter. She continued caressing my cheeks while we stayed like that in the middle of my front room.

  "Can I take you out tonight?" I asked her.

  "Yes." She said and pulled out of my embrace.

  I nodded my head and pulled back. "Go get somethin' nice for yourself. Be back here by eight." I instructed.

  She walked to pick up my keys and headed back out the door but she stopped. "I love you, Siah." She said over her shoulder.

"Love you too, shawty." I said while looking at where she was at a few moments ago. I shook my head and pulled out my cell phone. Scrolling through my contacts I tapped on the number needed and placed it to my ear as I waited for someone to pull up.

  "Can we talk now?" She asked and the attitude was very clear.

  "Don't start that shit. Now talk." I said already tired of this conversation. I took a seat on the leather couch and sighed.

  "I'm going next weekend to find out for sure." She said.

  I sighed and ran my hand down my face. I hung up the phone and sat it down beside me. I was in deep shit if luck wasn't on my side this time around.


  Phat stepped into the front room after what seemed like an eternity. She had on a white dress that was haltered and loosely fitting around the area of her knees where her dress stopped. A pair of brown sandals adorned her feet as she stepped in closer. Her natural kinky curls were pinned up as she had a few strands falling around her beautiful face. She barely wore any make-up which, I loved most about her.

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