Zoey 101: The werewolf and his nerd

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Logan's POV

My relationship with Quinn was finally public. But I didn't mind i mean i love her and I always will. We talked about getting married after we left PCA and it made me happy to think about that.i remember her and i going out for a walk together. It was so peaceful till I heard a growl and saw a pair if red glowing eyes. I push Quinn behind me as it steps out of the bushes it looked like a wolf but it was standing on two legs. But before I could give it more thought it charged i blocked it from Quinn but in return it bit into my shoulder i let out a scream of pain before it ran away. Logan are you alright i hear Quinn as holding my shoulder i nod yea as long as you are ok im fine i smiled.

She takes me to here dorm and patches me up. Maybe you should sleep here tonight and moves over in her bed and waits for me to come. I nod my head and lye down as she moves closer i hold her in my arms and drift off to sleep. I started to have a dream of something i did not understand at all. It was in my point of view and I saw myself run around and I found a women and the next thing i know I had her by the neck. I try to stop but I couldn't she died and I saw i did it then a mirror comes up in front of me and I see the wolf creature with blood on his face. I jerk awake and look at Quinn. I get up and go to the bath room and splash water on my face.

When I'm done i look up at my reflection. When I see something in my mouth i open my mouth and a tooth fell out i then look at my mouth again and I see a fang had replaced the tooth that fell out then another one fell out giving me a set of fangs. I back away from the mirror in total shock. W....whats happening to me i ask myself. I was terrified i had no clue what was going on. I smashed the mirror and ran away to my dorm i had to tell Michele and chase maybe they could help. I ran in and opened the door. Guys i need your help i yell. They wake up clearly irritated at me but get up seeing the fear on my face. Whats wrong dude they as and i open my mouth. Wow what the hell happened. I dont know i tell them but something is very wrong. They then look at me in shock again and point at my ears they were pointed and hairy. I let out a shriek.

Dude this is just like in one of our movies chase says. What movie i yell to him and he takes out ginger snaps and underworld. I look at him and ask are you saying I'm turning into some kind of werewolf and he nods well were you bitten by a dog creature and i nod. The say well there's your answer they then look at me again and say your good now dude the fangs and pointed ears went away. But the full moon is in three days so u better have a plan on how you are gonna restrain yourself. I nod and go back to Quinn's room. Where were you she asks rubbing her eyes sleepily. I tell her i was talking to Michele and chase and add I'm gonna stay with them for a while I'll see you soon we just need guy time. She smiles and says well you should have just said so tell them i said hi ok and she pulls me in for a kiss before i head over to chase and Michele dorm.

I sit down and say ok how are we gonna do this. They look at each other then me well first we are gonna watch for a while and see what happens then we are going to lock you in our room and listen to what happens. Is that it i asked and they nodded. Oh I'm doomed. Oh Logan no you aren't it will be fine. Three days later I was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room with Michele and chase watching me. Chase checks his watch and tells me only a little while before the moon rises. I take a deep breath when he says times up. My body starts to feel like its on fire oh god whats gonna happen I think.

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