Chapter three

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It's the night of the party and I'm in a elaborate emotional hurricane.

Me and Gabby went shopping at forever 21 last night and I got a short black party dress that barely reaches my knees.

It's a little edgy for my liking but I put on anyway.

Gabby arrived at my house at around 4:30 and she helped me get ready.

She curled my hair and handed me a black pencil and raised her eyebrows.

"The ultimate boy of the school has so, adorably asked you to a party."

She paused and I hold my stern face of protest. Eyeliner makes me feel like a hooker.

"So I think that you thus, should completely look, absolutely edible!" she says In her silly normal sophisticated self.

"Ok fine." I say and smudge the black liner across my eye in to smallest line possible.

I finish of my outfit with black sandals and a glittery pin in my hair.

"Would you wear these?"

She says waving a pair of black pumps in front of my face.

"Absolutely not." I reply. "I'm already really tall and I don't need to be looking down at my date."

She laughs.


"DING DONG!" The door bell announces.

"Oh my god Gabby, he's here!"

"Go go go go!" she says squealing like a crazy FANGIRL.


I open the door to a (like gabby would say) truly ravishing gentalman.

"Hello!" Jeremy exclaims.

"Okay?" I laugh "remember that if we are gonna go on this date, you're gonna have to be a gentalman."

"This is a date?!" he says pulling on and straitening his military looking jacket.

"Well you did say that you didn't have a date to a party then asked me to the party. That's how I read the situation."

"I'm sorry but I think you just removed the word 'date' from my word bank?"

"Maybe! We can call it a..."

"A occasion!"

"Sounds good Romeo." I say and he hooks arms with me and we walk to the car.

I sit down and he puts the key in and starts the car. instantly screaming music blares.

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry!" he says going to turn it off.

But I stop him because it's Linkin parks Given Up.

And I frickin love that song.

"No don't turn it off!" I say touching his hand over the button.

He stops and smiles then just turns down the volume. We start to pull away and Gabby opens the door and yells,

"Wait! You forgot your purse!"

She runs down the driveway and throws through the open window of the Cadillac.

"You guys have fun! Okay? make good choices and Jeremy, be the lovely lad I know you can be!" She giggles and runs away without giving me a chance to talk.

"What is she doing at your house?"

I lie and say "I honestly don't know!"

"It's ravishing!" He says and I laugh.

Tonight might be the best there ever is.

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