Hell be mine

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Liam's point of view

I woke up to a tingly feeling in my lower area, slowly my eyes fluttered open to come face to face with Lisa who smiles sweatly. "Liam?... Liam I can't sleep will you come and sleep with me? I can't stop thinking about what we did earlier" her hand was down my boxers and over my hard on and her thumb strocked the tip so gently. I wanted her, wanted to claim her to be with her to fuck her brains out.

I stood up quietly and so did Lisa, she wrapped her arms around my waist and staided like that. Then she took my hand in hers as we walked to her room, once we were in her room I got in her bed and waited for her. "Sorry sexy but I sleep naked could you close your eyes" I nodded and let her sleep how she wants but I'm staying in my boxers, I closed my eyes as I felt her straddle my stomach. Her lower area was wet "sorry baby just tying my hair up" her voice was like bells and her area started to rub against my stomache, she finally moved off and cuddled into my side.

One of her legs was over the top of my waist and her head was on my chest pushing her tits against my side, I slid one arm under her and around her waist and the other hand rested on her leg which she pulled up and placed on her ass. I went to say somthing but her lips on my stopped me from doing so, the kiss was short and sweat and not long after I fell asleep and so did she.

I woke up at midnight so I could get back in my room before le wakes up, LUCKLY me and le get the whole day to ourselves since the family are going out. When my eyes opened Lisa back was turned towards me so i easly and quietly slipped out of her bed and out of the room, I snuck into my room and into my bed and turned to Leah who was sound asleep turning away I tried to get some more rest but I heard the door open and I smelt mark and his Ora ment he was Horney.

I felt the bed dip and le struggle and muffle screams come from her and when I turned pretending to be sleeping but to see what she was screaming for I saw his head in her area, her hands tied to the bed and a gag in her mouth, a few minutes later he untied her and left. Le slipped out of the bed and into the corner where she shifted and whimpered, and I could do anything for her

-after the families gone-

"Liam please claim me" i pulled her into me and nodded

-families come back-

I placed a pile of books in the library and turned to leave but insted came face to face with Lisa "hey baby, I was woundering my later you could stop off in my room?" She smiled and pushed herself against me but this time i didnt feel anything for her maybe because I'm mated now... "Here, farther told me to bring you this" she held a glass of water to me and I took it with out hesitation and gulped it down "thank you Lisa I need that" she smiled brightly and told me she'd see me later and walked off swaying her hips and I couldn't help but stare at her ass.

Suddenly a huge pain came into my chest and Leah's voice was loud and clear "get him off me save me please!" I ran through the halls and stopped outside marks office i calmly walked in only to get slapped with the smell of sex. I look at the desk to see a naked Leah tied to the desk and mark smashed himself in her, anger built up inside me I walked away and bumped into Lisa. She grabbed my hand and led me into her room "take your anger out on me" and I did.

I pushed her up against a wall and smashed my lips to hers, forcing my tongue in her sweat mouth I took my anger out on her mouth. When the kiss died down only then did I realise that I was holding her up by her ass and her legs were wrapped around my waist while I pushed her against the wall. "Thank you Lisa, it really help no girl as ever made me feel like you do"

"Its fine baby, and baby when you touched my the other day uhh it was amazing" she strocked her lower regen and moaned, I put her down and pecked her lips leaving her there.

-later that night-

"Liam liam please wake up" I opened my eyes and saw Lisa standing over me, I sat up and pulled her on my lap. "Whats wrong Lisa" she rested her head on my chest "can you come and sleep with me again?" I nodded and picked her up in a brides style and walked to her room, I sat us on the bed and strocked her hair "whats wrong Lisa?" She looked up at me "nothing i just want you to sleep with me" I touched her cheek and kissed her forehead "why"

"Because I love you"

She looked down at the ground, I pulled her chin up and kissed her lips softly and she kissed back. We pulled away and looked at eachother of a moment then she said "can you undress me please im to tired" I smiled and told her i was happy to, I lay her on the bed and pulled off her top and then slid off her skirt. "Do you want your underwear off too?" She nodded and then winked, feeling myself harden I un clipped her bra and then slowly slid off her panties.

"Look at it Laim, take a good look" I looked at her and then her enterance getting harder then ever, I could smell her beautiful arousal i just wanted to lick it. "That liam is yours and yours only" she thrusted up a little telling me she wanted me "liam please touch me like you did the other night please" she thrusted up again. "I will Lisa but please stop thrusting while my face is so close" she nodded in agreement and I lightly and quickly pecked her enterance corsing her to moan loudly.

I crawled up and kissed her lips and lightly fingered her "faster baby" i tought about all my anger and brought it to the surface taking it out on her but making sure i keep in controll, after a bit i desided to tease her a little and press my hard on against her naked enterance. She moaned and thrusted against it, I pulled up so that when she thrusted in was my tip that lightly pushed her sensitive place. Damn she is just getting me way to Horney, I pushed her hips down and kissed her.

"Baby claim me please" she pushed up and rubbed her self against me, I pushed my fingers i side her and pumped her hard as she ripped my boxers away leaving me naked and showing my large bonner off. Once she had climaxed I moved down her body and slipped my tongue deep inside her, she moan a loud and beautiful moan while thrusting against my face. Suddenly I felt myself being ripped away from her..

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