Closed For Votes

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This is now closed for the entries of votes....
You can still request creepypastas,
BUT!! You will have to wait until the votes of each battle is counted and the winner will be announced of each.

Once the winners are announced, I will hold many battles for Boy vs Boy and Girl vs Girl, this will be the tournament. The winners of the previous battles will face off with other previous winners.

There will be 3 winners out of the boys, and 3 winners out of the girls, who will battle the other 2 winners of the same gender. There will be 3 places .

1st place.

2nd place.

And 3rd place.

You have 8 days, so get your votes in!!!

Both creepypastas in 1st place will be known as the champions. And if you want they can face off to be known as the Ultimate Champion of the CreepyPasta Rap Battles. If there happens to be a tie, I will request of my brother's opinion for the rap. And who ever wins, eh they shall have bragging rights xD. Anyway let me know on the pages of the battles and let the votes come pouring in. Let the best Creepypasta WIN! 😏🔪😈

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