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Abby's Pov

        I groaned waking up and looked at my clock seeing it was 10:00 am. Thank the Lord it's a Saturday. I checked my phone seeing a text from Clover and a couple Facebook messages from my little cousin, Catherine. I quickly replied to Clover and checked the messages from my cousin. She sent me a bunch of links to 1D's new songs. I rolled my eyes and climbed out of bed walking downstairs to get breakfast. My younger brother, Alex, walked out of the kitchen and he ruffled my hair "Hey older sister." I glared up at him. Alex was almost six foot while I'm only 5"8. He smirked down at me knowing I hate having my hair touched and walked upstairs to do who knows what. I walked into the kitchen and my mom sitting at the island reading a book.

        "Hey momma!" I said smiling and grabbed a bowl of cereal."Hey sweetie. Oh today I'll be busy with work so could you go to the store for me and pick up a few things?" She asked looking up from her book. I nodded and took a bite from my cereal. She smiled "Great! Thank you. Here's the list." She handed me the list and walked out of the kitchen to go to her office. I sighed and read over the list while taking bites from my cereal. Good it wasn't a long list. I just had to pick up milk and a couple of other things. I quickly finished my cereal and threw the bowl into the sink and went upstairs to my room to get ready to go to the store. I grabbed some pants and a top and put them on. I brushed my hair, slipped my shoes on, grabbed my phone, and walked out the door. Today was a good day in Batavia, New York. I walked to my car and got in starting it up and backing out to go to the store. Batavia was a small town but had grocery stores, fast food places, shoe stores, clothing stores, pizza places ect. My family and I lived on the outside of town near the woods. I pulled into the parking lot of Tops and got out of my car walking into the store.

---- After shopping ----
I parked in the drive way and saw my mom's car gone. She probably went to the office or something. I grabbed the bags and walked into the kitchen putting everything away. Clover texted me and asked if I wanted to come over. I quickly replied saying sure and ran out the door and walked down the street. Clover also lived on the outside of town and lived a few minutes away from me. I suddenly felt like I was being watched and looked around seeing no one. I rolled my eyes and continued walking while scrolling through Twitter. Again I got the sense someone was watching me. I looked up around and saw a figure standing a little far away in the woods on the other side of the street. I quickly booked it to Clover's house.
Seeing Clover's house I ran through her front yard and right into her house knowing she or her family didn't care if I just waltzed right now. Clover came running down "Abs!!" She tackled me into a hug and then grabbed my arm dragging me up stairs. I laughed "Hey Clove. What's with the excitement?" She looked around "Not here, I don't want my brothers hearing." She quickly walked into her room with me following. Clover has two younger brothers one 12 and the other 15. Her mother was 6 months pregnant with a little girl. I sat down on her bed and Clover smiled at me, her dimples popping out. She sat down as well and cleared her throat. "Well... remember how my mom and dad divorced back when I was younger?" I nodded. "Well.. my mom obviously got drunk when he was here because he wanted to see us and it was late and she found out the little baby was his.. and.. THEY'RE GETTING BACK TOGETHER! Not just because of the baby but also because they want to!" She then went into a huge rant how they're gonna get married and how she's gonna planned this.

During that I felt like I was being watched AGAIN. I looked out the window and again saw a figure in the woods that surrounded Clove's house. I didn't realize I was staring until Clover shook me "Abs.. Abbey.. ABIGAIL!" I jumped and looked at her "What?" She frowned and stared at me "You ok?You look a little freaked out." I nodded "Um.. I don't feel very good.. I'm gonna go home ok? I'll text you later." She nodded and watched me walk out of her room and down the stairs.
When I got outside I started running to my house. I felt a force hit me and I hit the ground with a groan. I looked around and saw I was in the woods. I felt someone on top of me and saw the most gorgeous blue eyes I've ever seen. I kept staring at them until the owner chuckled "I know I'm good looking babe but it's not polite to stare." Wait. I've heard that voice before.

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