Chapter 4

Elizabeth received me with her arms wide open. She hugged me tight. I whimper and she release me. "What happen? Why does your back hurt?" "He pushed against the dresser." I walk over to my bed and sit down.

She sat next to me. "Why? How did it all started?" "Liz, please..." "No, I want to know. I've warned you before and I think it's fair enough for me to listen." She demands in a serious tone. I look at her for awhile before saying, "You're not going anywhere are you?" She shook her head. I crack a smile. "I think it all started when we were choosing my clothes. He didn't seem as happy anymore. Then he brought up my scars." I sniffed.

"Then I started saying what I was feeling. Including the cheating and confession part from him- Everything. Well, almost everything. And I guess that's when it all happen." I finished. I guess he's ashamed of what he has done?

He better, because of what it looked like, Liz hit his weak spot.

She didn't say anything and just hugged me. My vision got blurred by the tears that we're building up in my eyes. "It's okay Adi, just let it out. You need to. You're always keeping-" "And tomorrow is my audition and I'm all bruised up!" I interrupt her and pull away. "Makeup." "It's not the same Liz." I shake my head.

"Okay but we at least need to try." Silence filled the room. "Why haven't you listen to me? I've told you before, this was going to happen at one point again. He was in a gang, Adilene. They teach them no mercy, no matter what. Yes he did left it but he still has it in him. He was in it for quiet a long while. And don't get me started about his past. Who knows what this guy is up to now. If he really does love you, he wouldn't abuse you."

"He doesn't trust me." I mumble, loud enough for her to hear. "Y porque dices eso?" "He was checking my phone," I fumble with my fingers. "What's a relationship without trust? If there's no trust then it is not a real relationship. You gave him many chances but he never learned from his mistakes. Keep this in mind; Never fall for a guy that has already hurt you and prove to you that they truly don't care. Show them that you are not going to put up with their shit cause you can be happy without them."

"Wow. That was deep." I chuckle. "But it's true though," "Yeah." I nod and hug her. "Ow." I release her. "Sorry, I forgot about your bruised arm." I ran my fingers over it. It was throbbing. "AGH!" I threw my head back in anguish. "I'll get an ice pack." I nod. Elizabeth got up and left to the kitchen.

I looked up to the ceiling and let a few tears roll down my cheeks. She came back with a bag of peas. I gave her a questionable look. "Peas? I didn't know we have peas." She laughs. "Me either. But it'll work." "But I don't like peas," I whined.

You're not going to eat them idiot.

"You're not going to eat them estúpida." She gave me the bag. I slightly pressed it against my arm. I winced at the cold touch but numbed my arm and relieved the pain.

"Get up. Let me see where else you have bruises," She checked my back and my face. "You have one in your left cheek, your back is red so I can't really see and your arm is bruised." She says with a sad expression. "Oh god," I sigh. She checked the time in her phone. "Se está asciendo tarde y debes que levantarte mañana temprano. Go shower,"

God it's been a long day.

"Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't want to go anymore." She block my path from the dresser.

"What?" She stared at me blankly. "What you heard." I push her aside. "Adilene-" "No lo entiendes Liz?! It's going to be hard to hide everything I'm feeling tomorrow at the audition! Especially the bruises! You know I sometimes wear my emotions!" "You never give up. Why all of a sudden?" I don't respond. "You know this only happens once in a life time," Elizabeth adds. "You're going to regret that." She walks out of my room. I continue to my search for my pjs and make my way to the shower.

I turn the water on and got in once it was warm enough for me. I whimpered at the touch of the water as slid down my bruises and bumps. I got out of the shower once I was done.

Why today? Why Me? You're so stupid Adilene. Why did you have to bring it up? All of this is your fault! This would of never happen if you would of kept your mouth shut. You'll never learn will you?

I roll my eyes and sigh as I place my hands on the bathroom counter and examine myself. There was an unfamiliar figure in the mirror. It was me. I look drain, pale, and exhausted. I sigh and walked out and came out to a nice, silent room. I crawled up into my blankets.

My phone kept vibrating. I turn it to silent and flipped it over. I already knew it was Daniel. I turned over in my bed instantly grimacing when my arm touched the sheets.

I hope I have a good, deep, long, nice dream tonight so it'll make me forget about everything that happen today.

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