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Everything in this story is my own and I've tried to ensure that the storyline is not entirely similar to every other bad boy story on Wattpad. All characters are my own.


Every single day I am greeted with the same haunting view in my bathroom mirror. This face, my face, now seems almost unrecognisable, my once glowing eyes now just a deep pit of sadness. In the place where my long blonde curly hair used to be now sits a short bob with patches of my hair thinning. Faint bruises cover the lower part of my face and my neck, the mottled pattern making my pale skin look almost translucent.

I'm looking at a stranger.

Who knew that in the space of two months my whole life would change drastically. It was as though my life just fell off a cliff into a pit of alligators and could never be retrieved.

Two months ago my life was normal. I had loving parents who cared for me, treated me as if I was a princess and would give me whatever I asked for. Working as doctors meant that they were hardly at home, which made times together special. Me and my brother were as close as a brother sister bond could ever be. Only being one year apart meant we grew up sharing the same toys and falling out with one another. The home that I lived in is what many people would call a mansion. My parents being doctors meant that they had high paid jobs, which was obvious through the large number of card that we owned. Everything was perfect.

But it wasn't perfect for long.

Two weeks after the start of my senior year everything came to a stop. Sitting in biology class I got the call I've always dreaded. The principal took me out of class to explain that my mum and brother had been in a car accident and my mum had been pronounced dead at the scene. I can't remember a lot after that, I was a mess for days. 
My brother suffered a head injury and went into a coma and to this day doctors have no idea when or if he will wake up at all.

All the family I have left is my perfect father. When I was younger I idolised everything he did and worshipped the ground he walked on. He was my dad and I would not have changed anything in the world. However, after the incident everything changed.

I now look at my father with pure hatred. The angel of a father I once knew has now turned into the devil himself. A bottle of whisky is permanently in his hand, his job now non existent and the politeness I once knew has turned into vile abusive language.

The hitting didn't start that long ago. I remember walking through the door from a night out with my friends and came home a lot later than i thought. I was welcomed home by a slap to the face making me fall to the flaw. Verbal and physical abuse was present that night and now it has become a daily occurrence.

I'm stuck in this small world, feeling isolated and alone, my emotional walls slowly breaking down.

No one is here to help me, no one cares anymore, I'm a no one.

That is until I met the bad boy Nathan Mendez, who may just be my saviour.  

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