Chapter 2

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The main floor of the building was huge. Right when you step in you can see lights hanging from the walls. The ceiling was high and there were also lights hanging on the top. Music was being played but it was hard to tell what song it was, the screaming fans made it impossible to hear. I couldn't see much from the entrance except for a man in a nice light brown suit standing behind a counter. I could also see a tall water fountain in the center of the main floor. The water fountain had lights at the bottom and it was making the water that was shooting up have a beautiful crystal glow. I wasn't expecting for Magcon to be held at a place that looked so fancy. From the looks of it, I would say this place is a five star hotel. It's just a guess though, I've never been some where that looked as nice as this in my life. Even if I can't see much because everyone inside were in the way, still, it was very elegant. We could see the boys standing on a stage at the very back of the room.

"Oh my god they're over there!" says Tiffany, it was hard to hear what she said but I was able to make it out. We grabbed hands to make sure we didn't lose eachother and we pushed ourselves through the crowd. Brenda kept looking left and right while standing on her toes trying to get a glimps, "I can see them! I can see them!" she said almost crying. I did the same and stood on my toes. From where we were standing it was kind of hard to tell which boy was which but it was obvious enough to tell who was on the center of the stage. The other boys were on the side of the stage and the one in the middle was dancing. He was moving along with the beat of the music.

The boy was wearing a bandana, and it was clear to me that it was Taylor. Looks of a bad boy but a heart just as big as all the Magcon boys.

He has a cast on his arm, again. Will this boy ever learn?

When the music stopped Taylor stood there and listened to all the fans shouting his name. He grabbed the mic from the stand and handed it to one of the other boys. I couldn't tell who it was but once I heard his voice, "Are you guys ready to hear Shawn play his guitar and sing a song?!" I knew that sure enough it was the most known member of Magcon, Nash.

Shawn was about to sing and I was out of words. I had to get closer. I am always sitting behind my laptop, watching his vines and youtube videos but now I get the chance to see him perform in person. I let go of Brenda's hand and pushed myself forward. I could hear Brenda shouting my name but I ignored her and moved on. It was difficult to get through all the fans but I managed to get a bit closer.

I was on the side of the water fountain. I pulled out my phone and started to record. They brought out a chair and put it on the center of the stage. One of the security guards gave Shawn his guitar. He put the guitar strap around himself and started walking to the chair.

I couldn't believe it. Was I dreaming? Was I really standing in the same building as my love? Nothing could ever ruin this moment. I'm about to watch something that thousands of fans dream of. I felt as if nothing in the world could distract me from what's about to happen. Hearing his voice, watching his hand move up and down, and his fingers strum the guitar. I began to get that weird feeling again in my stomach. I can't help but smile. I want to scream out loud that I love him. The words just couldn't come out. I got that feeling in my throat as if I was about to cry but tears weren't coming out of my eyes.

Shawn sat down on the chair and fixed the mic stand to the appropriate height. I was finally close enough to see who was who on the stage. I could see all of them, all nine boys. They are all waiting for Shawn to begin. I wondered if they were excited just as I was. They hear him sing at every single Magcon event they go to, and this is probably the last time I'm going to be able to see him perform.

I was so eager to hear him, it was unbearable. In my head I was wondering if Brenda and Tiffany were looking for me, but I didn't want to miss this moment.

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