Life is in the motion of healing

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Maria P.O.V

                   I went down to the prison. It's been a week and I had did ALOT of prostituting my self so I can stay some where. I had earned 3000 in one week. Then I saw a figure and then I noticed it was Trick. It can't be . Tanya looked in aww as she saw her brother snatch the phone  out my hand. “ Hello Tanya how's everything," he yelled smiling. “ I lived but I am starting a gang in Chicago and I'm going to get revenge on Jayson and his hoe." Me and Tanya smiled and exchanged glances. “ We got some thugs together and we started a gang," I whispered. “ Well I'll take it from here baby," he said as a girl appeared. “ Hello how y'all doing? She said. “ Meet Angel my assistant also Boston's half sister," he whispered.

Boston P.O.V

                      Ok I missed a period so I took a pregnancy test. Yea I'm pregnant. I gotta find a way to tell Jayson. I wonder what ima name the baby. Anyways I already told Tina Henry and Julia who has recently gotten out of her depression. Henry has been taking her out and there doing just fine. Tamika misses J'mir deeply. I miss him too. My father Michael Millington and mom Tina are getting back together by dating. Life is in the motion of healing.

Julia P.O.V

                  Jayson called all of us and people from college up to El the place they first went on  date. Everyone wore designer clothes but me I wore some clothes from Target. Jesus. Jayson looked at me nervously. He seemed so nervous. Hint he was sweating bullets. He hugged Everyone and we took a seat. " Thats the same guy who he beat up for me that time," Boston Whispered in my ear. I chuckled as we glanced at Jayson as he stared at the waiter.

After we shared some laughs and ate Jayson would not loosen up. Boston started to notice then Jayson tapped the wine glass. Everyone looked up. " I hope everyone had a great time tonight,"he said as we cheered," But tonight.........tonight i called you all together to witness something that I love answer a very important question.

Boston P.O.V

Jayson got down on one knee and asked,"Will you marry me? I looked around at everyone and the waiter stood in the distance turning read. I nodded. "Yes." He stood up and hugged me tight. Everyone clapped.

Jayson P.O.V

                       I am Jayson Dasher and now I have Boston Dasher .

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