Survival: Chapter Thirty-Four

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Chapter: Thirty-Four

I wake up. I have no memory of anything! My mind is blank. The only thing inside my head is an aching pain that wouldn't go away.

Now I remember.

I drank so much liquor that I passed out, I think? I get off the couch, and the only thing I'm wearing is my boxers. And like Stephanie once did, I sprint to the bathroom and vomit. I didn't even make it to the toilet, vomit spilled on the floor. I clean it with a rag and a lot of toilet paper.

I wash my hands and stare into the mirror over the sink. I can't tell who the person in the mirror is. I'm still processing information that still hasn't reached one-hundred percent.

"Adam!" I hear a voice. I'm not sure who it can be. "Adam! Are you awake?"

"Who's there?" I ask as if I was in my home.

"It's Emma Ray, remember me?"

"Yeah. Hey, Emma."

"How you feeling?"

"My heads about to explode."

"Mine too."


"What happened to me last night."


Emma walks to the bathroom and finds me in my boxers.

"Here." She hands me a t-shirt and shorts, I have no idea where she got them. "Come over here. Sit." She gently hits the coach and she sits opposite to me. It looks like she's about to give me a lecture.

"Is it really that bad?"

"Um, it could've gone worst, honestly."

"What? Just tell me." I feel like she's going to me me someone died in my family, which can't be possible, unless it was Sammy.

"Adam Foster," she says. "You took ecstasy last night. You were drugged. But it wasn't your fault nor your decision. Stupid Katie put it in your drink."

I stare at her.

I don't know what to say, what to think, so I say," and I'm still alive?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Unexpectedly, I start laughing and Emma starts too.

"What's so funny? You still drugged?"

"No," I say. "I just though I would never do anything like that. Ever. But know that I think about it it's pretty darn funny I took ecstasy."

"I was really worried for you," Emma speaks in a serious voice. "I thought you were going to die! I even skipped school just to make sure you would wake up.

"You should've have," I say. "Oh and how am I almost naked."

She smiles. "We'll, after carrying you from the club and home I gave you a cold shower thinking it would help, Stephanie helped. However, you were so "not you" and we just left you on the couch, thinking sleeping would help you recover."

"So you carried me?" Is all I say.

"Yeah, it's my way for repaying you back from that other time."

"Emma, I'm really sorry I ruined last night."

"No, no, no," she says. "You didn't ruin anything. In fact, you actually made it better. Last night was phenomenal! I don't even think Stephanie can have as much fun as we did last night, don't you think?"

"Indeed, last night was unbelievably spectacular. Thank you for giving me the best birthday present ever."

"And what was it?"

"Just you being with me," I say. "You make my life worthwhile."

And then I do the unexpected.

"I forgot to do something last night I really wanted to do?"

"What was that?"

I lean towards her.




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