Pearl Welsh and the Marauders

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Pearl walked out of her school, Beauxbatons. She had been expelled for a large list of reasons but all she remembered from the reasons were that: 'She swore too much

She played numerous pranks on fellow students (in which she sent one girl home crying.)

She had extremely bad behaviour'

Pearl was glad to leave, she hated that place more than words could possibly say. She hated how she couldn't be herself, she hated how all the girls were very girly but she was a tomboy, she hated how the girls who lived locally would suddenly start talking to each other in French as she swore they were gossiping about her. At Beauxbatons, she had one, 'friend' called Anna, yet Anna was still as girly as the others and wasn't that close to Pearl, they would just talk the odd time and team up if needed. Anna wasn't the kind of friend Pearl would miss a lot. As she walked out, she glanced back at the school for hopefully the last time.

"Thank god I'll never be back her again!" she exclaimed.

Pearl's parents had already set up the next school for her, Hogwarts. She was excited about Hogwarts, by what she had heard, it was a brilliant place, much better than Beauxbatons. It was her fith year.

When Pearl arrived, the first thing to stand out about Hogwarts was the large turrets. It was quite late, her journey had been long. A witch with a pointed hat and a stern expression met her by the entrance.

"Hello, Pearl," she said. "I am Professor Mcgonagall, if you will follow me that would be brilliant."

Pearl nodded and followed her closely. They walked past a pair of large doors where behind them Pearl could hear loud talking and saw the flickering of candle light.

"That's the Great Hall," explained Mcgonagall.

Pearl nodded as she followed the woman into the hall. They walked in quietly at the side, Mcgonagall took her to a long table at the front where all the teachers sat. She went to a man with a long, white heard and they began whispering. Mcgonagall then went back over to Pearl and walked out of the hall. As they did, Pearl began to hear others coming out of the hall to. Pearl was taken to an office. Once inside, they stopped.

"Wait there," Mcgonagall said as she left.

Once Pearl knew she was gone, Pearl began to wonder around looking at the different items in the room.

"Hello, Miss Welsh, I'm the Head Master Dumbledore, " came a voice.

Pearl spun round and saw the old man from earlier. "Please sit down."

She saw a small seat by the desk and sat on it. He took an old wrickly witches hat from a cupboard.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked.

"Is it the Sorting Hat, sir?" gulped Pearl.

"It is yes," replied Dumbledore. " So you know what's going to happen?"

"Yes sir," nodded Pearl.


He put the hat on her head, she was being sorted.

"GRYFFINDOR!" shouted the hat.

Pearl stood up shakily.

"Gryffindor," exclaimed Dumbledore. "I'll show you where the Gryffindor Dormatry is."

They left the office, Dumbledore took her to the Dormatry. He had to say a password to the fat lady to get in.

"Here we are," he said. "Well, I'm going to leave now so welcome."

Dumbledore walked out. Pearl went further in, it was all very red and full of talking students. She saw some chairs facing the fire and sat down on one, saying nothing.

"Hello," smiled a boy on a chair next to her.

He had brown curly hair and a mischievous grin on his lips, Pearl took to him instantly.

" Hi, I'm new," she grinned. "My name's Pearl Welsh."

"I'm Sirius Black," he replied.

They smiled at one and other, he seemed nice.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the first bit. Credit to @lauresaur_raw and @unicornpottergirl for helping me.

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