Chapter One: Always Be Prepared

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Chapter One Always Be Prepared


Packing for a trip is the most stressful thing ever. Especially, when your trip isn't a week vacation, but a whole three months. Of course, I could always buy things when I get to Florida, but Blair Wilson is the definition of a perfectionist. Everything must be in order or I start to freak out. Sounds dramatic, but unfortunately it is true. I had to make a packing list just reassure myself. 

Bathing Suits check

T shirts check

Shorts check

Dresses check

Shoes double check I had enough shoes packed to fill a whole suit case.

Socks Check

Underwear/ bras check check

Toiletries  CHECK

Books check

I had all the basics packed and checked off, however I needed to grab the little things that would make my three month stay feel a little more like Georgia and a little less like the tropical atmosphere of Florida.

I finished zipping and locking all my luggage, and brought it downstairs. Three suitcases and two trunks full of my stuff.


I have a lot of stuff, I'm a girl, and if you are a girl the number one rule you learn wile being in Girl Scouts is to always be prepared, and I was exactly that.

I mean of course I checked the weather updates in advanced, but lets face it the weather man is only going to be right about 30% of the time. So, I needed to pack all types of clothes for my trip.

I walked in to the kitchen to find my parents sitting at the kitchen table deciding what they were going to do on their little exotic trip. I could hear them gushing over the beaches and restaurants they were going to go to. Don't get me wrong I was more than happy that my parents were going away because they were in love, but having your parents act like teenagers around you is nauseating. 

" You ready Blair?" my dad said over his shoulder looking away from the hundreds of travel brochures in his hands. 

Both my parents were pretty normal people. They met their freshman year of college, and apparently they were so in love they had be right after they graduated. They both worked in the advertising business world, so they did  make a decent amount of money. However, by no means were we rich, just comfortable. I don't have a BMW sitting in the garage because that is not my definition of comfortable like it is for most people. 

My baby is an old Jeep Liberty that I had to help pay for with my shift at Betsy's Burgers. It honestly sucked but I love my car, so it was completely worth serving burgers and fries to obnoxious families. 

"Yep, pretty much, just grabbing a water and then I'm going to leave." I said walking over to fridge. 

Both my parents trusted me considering I'm not a bad kid. I have never drank, smoked, or have even been to a party. You could count all my friends on one hand, but most them were going on vacation with their families this summer, so I wouldn't be seeing them even if I stayed. My love life was also non existent, all in all I have a pretty quiet life. I guess you could categorize me in to the nerd section at school, though I don't have the braces and glasses to match, I do pretty well in my classes. Although that didn't come easily. Countless hours of studying and cups of coffee got me the grades I wanted. 

My parents got up from the table to walk me out to my car. My mom gave the longest hug known to man while my dad loaded my stuff in to my car. 

"I went out and put gas in your car for the trip, but you probably need to fill up again in a couple hours" ,my dad said while closing the trunk. He gave me a hug and gave me some money to put in my wallet for my 3 month vacation. Although, he already sent my aunt a bunch of money so she wouldn't have to take care of me while draining her bank account.

I got in my car and brought it to life. I changed the radio to my favorite pop station, which was playing Fancy. 

I double checked I had everything one last time.

Phone check

Purse check

Sunglasses check

Phone Charger check

Laptop check

Gum check

I seemed to have everything I needed. I gave my parents one last wave goodbye, and made my way down to the corner of my street. I looked at the clock which read 11:00 AM. I made the first right out of neighborhood, and made my way towards the highway to begin the journey of my 3 month mystery.


Chapter One complete!


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