Good News

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5 Months Later

January 7, 2012

Jays P.O.v

It's been five months since the little rape incident. The police didn't charge me with murder I walked away free. As for bey, the bullet didn't hit any nerves. they got the bullet out and stitched up her arm. Our baby girl will be here any day I can't wait. We were laying in the bed cuddled up And Then Julez came running in.

Julez: I'm hungry

"Ok I will fix you something to eat" I said getting up.

Bey: no I got it babe. You lay down and I will be right back.

They go downstairs and I lay back and watch tv. I dozed off for just a couple min and then I heard bey yell.

Bey: Jay!!!!

I rushed downstairs. I looked at her and on the floor there was water and I was running down her leg. Her water had broken. Julius helped her to the car. I grabbed the bags and things and got Julez in the car. on our way to the hospital I called everyone. Today was the day our beautiful daughter would be born.

Beyoncé P.O.V

Three hours later

"Blue Ivy Carter"

I smile after I say her name. I held her and she was the most cutest thing I ever seen. She was a little me.

MamaTina: reminds me so much of you

Matthew: yes it does

Jay: yes she's one of a kind

I smiled and let him hold her. today was the best day of my life. My life is about to take a huge turn though.

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