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Unbreakable: The Sequel to 'My Saviour'


I ran my fingers down his chest observing every new feature he had. It read 'Unbreakable'. "Justin?"


"What does that mean. Unbreakable." I said trailing my hand over the ink, he picked up my hand and kissed it gently making electrifying tingles flow through my body. The way this boy makes me feel is indescribable.

"What ever happens," he said holding my waist, "wherever we end up," he said putting a lonely strand of hair behind my hair, "whoever interferes," he said cupping his hand under my chin, "we will always be together till the end," he said placing his lusting lips on mine. He took my hand and placed it over his chest for me to feel his beating heart, "we are unbreakable," he whispered in my ear.

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