Chapter Seven: Stupid Conditions

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"So you're telling me that Louis tweeted about Gotta Get Out and now Ashton's band are even more YouTube Famous?" My mum asked me in disbelief over dinner that night.

I nod my head, "Yeah. Mum you should have seen their faces, they looked like they would cry any second-"

I was cut of mid-sentence by the phone ringing. I rolled my eyes. Ashton already called me up three times in the past hour because their channel views continued to grow.

I clicked the answer button without looking at the caller ID.

"Ash, I'm trying to have dinner can you call me back in-"

"Madison..." I stopped talking and instantly felt angry.

"Listen, please don't hang up," My father begged.

"I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses," I retorted and ended the call.

I proceeded to turn my phone off and put it centre table.

How dare he call me? How dare that pathetic excuse for a father save my number?

Mum put her hand on mine as my vision went blurry and a tear escaped from my eyes.

"I know it's difficult-" She began.

I pushed my chair back, the scraping noise only adding to the tense atmosphere, "Don't. Just don't mum. You don't even know the half of how i am feeling."

She just nodded and I quickly left the room. I grabbed my coat from the hallway and walked out of the house.

One foot found its way in front of the other and soon enough I found myself at the park just round the corner from my house.

I sat on a swing and pushed myself a little.

My father had taken me away from my friend when I was twelve years old because it was more convenient for his work.

I made new friends, great friends. The kind I could trust.

Then he took me away from them too.

His stupid damn work was more important than his family.

Me and mum had had enough, causing us to move back to Australia.

Which brings us to now.

Why does he think he can make one stupid phone call and everything is back to normal?

Not after everything he put us through.

He made his choice long ago.

The swing moved next to me and I glanced up to see Mikey sitting next to me.

"Hey," I say softly.

"Wassup," he responds and I chuckle.

"What're you doing here Mike?"

He rolls his eyes, "I was going to ask you that. Everyone's worried."

"I highly doubt that."

"Well I don't. We've only known each other a day yet I was already worried sick when your mother told us you ran off," Mikey confides.

"I didn't run-" I start.

"I think that's besides the point, don't you Madison?"

I sigh and stand up, "It's dark, i should get going."

Michael nods, "Me too. I've texted the others telling them I found you."

"Thanks Mike," I murmur as I reach up to give him a hug.


~two days later~

I wake up in my bed and snuggle into the soft blankets, breathing in the soft scent of the washing detergent my mother uses.

The sunlight streamed through my bedroom window, making it impossible to get back to sleep so I checked the time on my phone.


Then I saw the amount of missed calls I had from the boys within the last few hours.

I was instantly worried and clicked Ashton's contact to call him.

It rang three times, "Hello?"

"Ash? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong?" He questioned. He sounded very... happy?

"I woke up with almost twenty missed calls. Just from you," I respond, confused.

"Wait... you're awake?" Ashton asked excitedly.

"No..." I say in a 'duh' tone as I wait for him to get it.

Then he hangs up and I stare at the phone dumbfounded.

Then I hear footsteps bounding up the stairs and my bedroom door swings open to reveal the band.

I quickly take cover in my bed as all four boys jump on me.

"Are you all on drugs?" I question them. "You're all too happy this early on a morning."

"Guess what?" Luke says, or shouts, at me.

I shake my head. "Come on then."

"No, think," He urges.

"I don't do that this early. So what had made you guys this energetic?"

"We got a call this morning!" Calum tells me.

"Guess what?" I exclaim sarcastically, holding my phone up. "Me too! About a hundred from you guys."

"No shh," Ashton hushes me. "We got a call from One Direction's management."

I blink, "And..."

"They want us to be the bands support act on their next world tour!" Michael screams.

I shoot up in bed. "Holy shit!" I exclaim. "This is huge for you guys, congratulations!"

They went quiet and I was suddenly worried again.

"Actually we said we would accept under one condition," Ashton explained.

"Which was?"

"That you came with us."

My eyes widen, "You did what? No! That's a stupid condition. Call them back and tell them you accept without me," I panic.

"Please Mads..." Ashton pleads. "You're my oldest friend, I can't do this without you. I can't lose you again."

I start to weaken. "I can't... My mum."

"Your mum will be fine. She has my mum," He reasons.

"And school..."

"You're almost finished school. You're smart enough, Ashton can tutor you and you can get school to send you work via e-mail," Luke explains.

"But..." I try to search for another reason why I shouldn't go with them. I can't tell them the real reason.

The boys grin triumphantly in turn as they realise they've won.

"Will you? Please Please Please?" They add for good measure.

I groan and mutter a "Whatever."

Suddenly I'm attacked with hugs.

I can't tour with a band. Not One Direction. Not 5 Seconds Of Summer. Not their team or management or security.

No way.

It's not happening. At all.

It can't.

It shouldn't.

So why the hell did I just accept their offer?


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