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After that fight with Natalie, I was worried about Jessica. That fight was crazy and  rough. I'm glad that I'm going back to Phil's place. I'm so glad that was over. I arrived back at Phil's place. "Dude, what happened, your all scratched up", Phil said. "I got in a fight with Natalie". "Whoa, you look like you just came out of a action movie!", Ari said. "Well I did". "Here let me treat that scratch with some rubbing alcohol", Phil said.  "You okay?", Ari asked". "Yes, I'll be fine". "I hope that chick learned her lesson" . "I hope so too", Phil said. "I'm worried about Jessica". "I hope she's ok".

Jessica's POV

As days went by, I was feeling better and I'm getting back on my feet. After that confrontation with Bruno, I haven't been the same since that happened. "Feeling any better?", Tahiti asked. "Yes, I'm doing much better". "That's good". "Yeah". "So, can you forgive Bruno?", "That's a good question, I don't know". "Well it might be hard to forgive, but as time goes by, we all have to forgive". "Thank you so much Tahiti". "No problem". My phone rang and it was MasterCard calling me. I hope I'm not late on my payment. "Hello?" "Hi there, is this Jessica?". "Yes." "Hello, I was calling to tell you that one of your boyfriend's account has been cancelled  and there was $2,000 on the card and the money was transferred into another account". "What?". "Well I know that I didn't delete the account". "Who deleted the account?". "The person who deleted the account is named Natalie Rayman". Natalie did this?!?! You have to be kidding me! I'm swear to God, if I see Natalie, I'm gonna wrap my hands around her neck. "Is there anything else I can do for you?". "No that'll be all, thank you". "You're welcome, bye". "What just happened?", Tahiti asked. "The lady from MasterCard called and told me that one of Bruno's accounts have been cancelled". "What!?!, who would do such a thing like that?". "None other than Natalie". "Oh no, Natalie is going to pay for what she has done to him!", Tahiti said. "It's payback time for Natalie". I said. " I can't wait to give her a piece of my mind".

Bruno's POV

All night long, I was thinking about Jessica and I messed up everything. I hope she can forgive me for what I did to her. My phone was ringing and Natalie was calling me. She probably wants to seduce me again. I'm not gonna fall for that again. Not this time. "Hello there handsome", "What do you want, Natalie?". "Oh just want to talk to you for a bit". "How's your "girlfriend" doing?". "She's good, I guess". "Hmmm, well I called her yesterday and I talked to her for a bit". "And?". "She said that she doesn't love you anymore, she's in love with Ryan". "You're lying!!". "No, I'm not". "She really did say that". "And she had sex with him the night that you and her broke up", "Don't you think you owe me an apology, Bruno?". "Yes". "Hmmm, good". "I'm sorry about everything that happened, I won't do it again". "Hmmm ok, we'll see", I said. "Hmmm, good". "Want to come over and hang out with me?". Lord knows that she's gonna seduce me again. I should stop by. " I'll be over there in a few minutes". "Ok, bye", "bye".

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