Its A Byrd Thing

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   8-11-12 was a day that changed my life. But let me introduce myself. " Hello readers I'm zayywayy a broke African American with a hard ass life that's trying to make it in world" let me tell y'all about a bad romance. About how I found this beautiful girl I was in love with then broke her heart and all I want is her back and I still cant face the fact that she has moved on.
   The beginning of my summer was going horribly wrong... my house got broken into, my mother's car was stolen, my sister had gotten pregnant at 14, and my father was put back in the hole for 30 days. Shit was all messed up, I mean all messed up. My mom had recently had gotten a new job as a house keeper at a local hotel and she didn't want us to be home alone with out her. So she signed us up at Reitman boys and girls club so we had somewhere to be while she worked. Reitman was a boring place to be at. It was somewhat like jail where you had to be in a room with people you didn't want to be with and be forced to interact with them.
   After about a week at that stupid club I was at my wittsend. I was done with the club, me going back after I left that day was out of the question, that was until something caught my eye, but not just anything, it was a gift from god. It was a beautiful girl named Mychaela. I'm mean she was a dime and she shined exactly like dime do. I couldn't help but notice her. As much as I hated that club I had to stay there because I had a mission or you can say love at first sight. When I first saw her I doubted myself a little. "Like im this poor black nigga, I can't get with her". Plus I heard that she was dating someone who I knew and we were actually friends. So being that I wanted her so bad I had to do my research and found out the she was in fact single although she was not focused on a relationship. So I was determined to get to know this girl and possibly date her.

I would've love to drop dead right there but I couldn't she had on some tight jeans that me her butt stick out with beautiful lips looking like a bratz doll. And I couldn't keep my composer, my little friend below was getting a little excited because he thought he had a friend but we managed to get threw it together.

So the day went on as usual until we got to the construction area and we all was assigned a partner. And guess who my partner was?........................................

It was Mychaela. My mouth and my heart dropped I was so happy it felt better then winning the lotto. I felt that this was my only chance to get with the love my life.

So we go on me and her craving our concrete wall and as we are craving the wall she bumps into me and then say excuse me .

I start laughing and she says "What you laughing at Xavier Huh Huh" and I stop laughing because I'm in shock that she knows my name but i proceed to "oh nothing"

Then I said you look nice today and she says oh thank you"I haven't heard that in a while ". Then I said that's a shocker then she said why I said because you are beautiful and she said Aww thank you and continued to crave the wall. Then I asked" Do you have a boyfriend" and she said yes. And I had another let down and continued to craving the wall and said no words. Later on that week, I went to the club and I saw Mychaela and when I saw her I whispered to myself " Damn I wish that was my girlfriend" and her big mouth ass cousin Kimberly had heard me and she came over to me and said "so you like my cousin" then I said no. Then she said "why lie" and I said "ok maybe a little" then she said ok I'm finna hook y'all up I said noooo and tried to grab her but she managed to get away and tell Mychaela I liked her. Since Mychaela got that good news she kept looking in my eyes everytime she saw me. I thought it was a connection but I really couldn't tell. Toward the end of the day her cause came to me and gave me her phone number and told me to text her. Of course I said ok.

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