Not alone

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He looks in the mirror but all that will appear is someone he doesn't know, someone he's come to fear.

He has taken it from others, all that hate and bullying

"I can't take it anymore. What have I done to deserve this? It isn't fair. It isn't fair."

He goes home at night, locks the door and soon the blood pours more and more. "How could they be so cruel? Aren't I a human too?" "If no one cares what's the point? The odds are all against me and I feel alone. Goodbye. See you all on the other side"

She thinks of herself as they think of her. "Fat, ugly, emo, scene, lost cause, FUCKING WHORE!"

Even though there's thousands like us, if we all screamed at the same time nobody would hear. FUCK! nobody would even listen, but don't worry. You're not alone. For you see? You're just like me.

~Poem by Brandon M.

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