Facts with Roseheart: Season One Episode Seven

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Roseheart: Yum! Those tacos hit the spot! But what shall we have for dessert? I know! We must have a milkshake!

Audience: Yum!

Roseheart: Let's get on with it, then! First, take a mixing bowl! Next, take some ice cream! Any flavour is fine, but I'm using chocolate! Third, take a mixer and mix the ice cream, and add some milk to that, will ya? Mmmmmm! Once it's fluffy, pour it into a cup! Right now, I'm adding whipped cream and sprinkles to it! So you can add them to your drink! Mmmmmmm!!!! Let's see what cats think!


Shaggyfur: Mmmmm!! Who knew Roseheart can make good milkshakes?

Silverpaw: Yah, it's tastah!

Leaftear: I'm thinking of breaking up with Taccotina! These milkshakes are yummy in meh tummy!

Tigerstar: Mmmmmm! But my own milkshakes could have been better! *takes out a nasty-lookin' milkshake*

Roseheart: This concludes my cooking! See ya later!

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