Chapter 10

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{ Holy crap I'm the worst author ever sORRY I'M FINALLY BACK. But now that I'm not caught up with school shit and all, I can finally update more over summer. :) Hope y'all are enjoying! - A.W }

[ Louis POV ]

And another day in this place. I walked up to the doors, pulling out a slip of paper and typing in a code on a keypad beside the door, unlocking it and walking inside, the big doors securing closed behind me,

Today, the halls were a bit bustling, employees rushing this way and that, chattering excitedly. I just walked through the halls, making my way to the break room and hanging my bag up on an empty hook, stuffing my jacket inside it before walking back out. And still, the halls were bustling, random staff members bumping into me and muttering quick 'excuse me's' as they went. So I just made my way to the common room, walking in and finding Dillon.

"Oh, hey Lou!" Great, he's calling me Lou now. Dillon had a big smile on his face, patting my shoulder and just giving me a nice, friendly welcome.


"Hey, what's all the fuss about out there?" I asked, nodding my head towards the hallway. Dillon just chuckled and shook his head, looking at the door, "New patient coming in, apparently he's a psycho. So of course, they've got to get prepared. Even though he won't be here for a while." I nodded and stared up at him, silently egging him to go on. "Listen, that's all I know, promise. They'll update us guards a few days before his arrival." I groaned and nodded, looking around the common room, and I couldn't pick out that familiar face I just seemed to know so well.

Eyebrows furrowed, and looking back at Dillon, "Where's Alice..?" Dillon looked up and smiled, tilting his head. "Don't worry, she's just with the counselor." I nodded and let out a deep breath, kind of relieved.

So instead of hanging around Dillon all day, I went and sat down at a random table, facing the door. Counselor. Ha. I'd met him, and he was pretty nice, but a total kiss up to Miss Constance. I forget his name, but I'll be sure to ask Alice when she gets back. How long do these counselor sessions usually last? My guess is less than an hour, maybe more for some patients, who knows.

One thing I do know, is that Alice isn't going to let them in, she's going to keep to herself.

I smiled to myself and did what I usually do, watch the patients. There was a woman sitting at a table, mumbling and drumming her fingers shakily against the table. A man in a corner pacing this way and that, his voice alternating from a whisper to normal, but quick talking.

And then other disturbing sights I'd prefer not to list, but hey, point made.

It was so boring waiting for Alice, just sitting there alone and staring at random people. Definitely not my first choice as a pass time.

I motioned Dillon over, him immediately sitting down in front of me, and, surprise, he was smiling.

"What can I do for ya?" He grinned, running a hand through his hair. "Well uh.. What all is there to do here?" Dillon looked around, shrugging a bit before he spoke again. "Well, in here, play cards, there's some board games and magazines around here somewhere.. There's a library and a sort of craft room here too.." "Library?" I quickly asked him, kind of excited about that at least, although I'm not the biggest fan of reading. But hey, it was something to do, and I was not spending my time doing arts and crafts. Hell no.

Dillon chuckled and nodded, tilting his head at me, "Yeah, I can show you where if you want." I nodded and stood up, actually smiling a bit as we walked out of the common room and down the hall. During this time, I seemed to notice things more as we walked silently. Their was a spiral staircase that wound up all the way to the top floor, and an elevator right beside it, guess for staff only or something.

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