Chapter 8

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I snapped out of whatever just happened, leaving me wide-eyed starring at what I expected to be an actual shadow, but no, he was stunning.

He was taller than me by a few inches, features strong and sharp, broad muscle visible from beneath his black shirt and jeans. Short black hair as the dawn of night (woah cheesy much?), eyes as black as the darkest shade of obsidian. He was definitely 18 looking.

He was panting, his smirking lips bleeding from the corner, the veins on his arms pulsing.

I gulped.

He did something to Ryan.

I stood my ground staring back at his obsidian eyes as his eyes pierced back at me, not giving him the satisfaction of intimidating me. 

"Where's Ryan?" I demanded.

His smirk only widened in amusement. Instead of answering me, he stepped closer leaning down to my unusually small height. His hot breath pricked at my ear.

"He won't be a problem for now. Don't worry love, he won't interfere." He had a slight accent, definitely British. 

My eyes widened.

"What the hell did you do to Ryan!" I shoved him but that only caused him to slightly lean back.

Quick as a flash, his arms encircled me, picking me up and tossing me over his shoulder. 

"Now love don't make this hard. I don't want to be using some other ways of calming you down."

He looked back at me whilst walking to the huge doors that now look mangled and brutally beaten like popsicle sticks, 

and he winked.

I shivered.

I pounded my fists on his back, trying uselessly to loosen his grip on me and put me down but this only caused him to secure his arms even more around me.

"Ugh! Put me down you son of a b-"



I looked up.

Oh my gosh.

Ryan looked like he literally just came out of a gang fight. His left eye swollen, clothes ripped and mangled, bleeding lips, his arms limp at his sides, bruised.

I stifled a gasp.

Hunter sighed in an annoyed tone and turned around, cutting my line of vision to Ryan.

"Ryan," Hunter stressed out,"I thought I took care of you."

"Not quite. Now Hunter if you don't mind as to put Violet here down, and kindly as to let her be, that would be great." Ryan spoke intimidatingly.

"Violet?" Hunter purred, looking at me again. The looks he always gave me always made me feel exposed.

"Suits you Elizabeth."

"Hunter!" Ryan yelled.

"What?" Hunter spat, acting innocently confused.

"I said. Put. Her. Down."

"Hmmm." Hunter stroked his chin, looking at something afar as if he was really debating this in his mind. 

That makes 2 cocky bastards.

"Nahhh. I don't think I want to." An annoyingly goofy grin came upon Hunter's lips as he saw the evident infuriated Ryan clench his fists together. At least that's what it looked like from me straining my neck to see what was happening from behind Hunter's broad back. 

Ryan then got a mischievous glint in his eyes. He relaxed a little but kept tense, hands still formed into fists, a menacing smile placed upon his plump lips. Some shiznit was about to go down and I sighed with what I was awaiting to occur.

"Fine. Sorry in advance Violet."

And I was flying out of Hunters arms, landing uncomfortably onto the marble floor. I looked up and saw that Ryan must've tackled Hunter down because now they were throwing punches at each other, wrestling on the floor.  I felt a breeze and my hair flew into my face.

I turned around standing up quickly at my possible escape. 

The door.


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